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Best tour hair

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Best tour hair  

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  1. 1. What is the best hairstyle she's had on tour?

    • The Virgin Mop
    • Who's That Granny
    • Blond Ambition Iconic Ponytail
    • Blond Ambition Curls
    • The Manly Show Hair
    • Drowned World GHD Hair
    • Re-invention Classic Curls
    • Confessions Wavy Hair
    • Sticky Long and Crimpled Hair
    • MDNA Quiff

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I don't think he did. Gene is not listed in the show's closing credits for choreography but on IMDB, his bio trivia says that he was a dance consultant on TGS.

What I mentioned about him encouraging Madonna is from this MTV Interview (uploaded in 2 parts), which also has Jean Paul Gaultier and a little of Jenny Shimizu in it. The lead-in to where Madonna talks about Gene starts from 3:26 in this vid.

Gene :inlove: He died not long afterward, so cool she got to work with one of her idols. He said at the time when she asked for his help, "is she into necrophilia or something?". :lmao:

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1. BAT Ponytail


3. BAT curls

4. Virgin

5. DWT (loved the Euro look and how she changed it up night after night in the US, too bad its not captured on the DVD)

6. CT

7. RIT

8. GS

9. WTG

10. S&S

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Am I the only one who prefers the Blond Ambition curls over the ponytail??? I also liked the MDNA Bouffant style used for the opening segment. I also think she looked particularly stunning with short hair (TGS)

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I think she'll have the Jimmy Fallon hair for the tour. Unfortunately. I would MUCH prefer the Living For Love Grammy hair.

I feel like the grammys hair reminded me so much of the mdna hair, i don't know why but it did.. i would love to have the fallon hair for the tour, it really has made her look AMAZING

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