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FIRST segment of promo interview with Australia! Watch here!

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My god, who is the director of this mess of a channel?? They have an exclusive interview of MADONNA and they keep it to the end while they play 2 or 3 times the same boring stories... If I was the director I would play the interview 10 times a day, seriously. The journalist travelled to NY to interview her and they're gonna show it only one time? :mellow:

The show goes for an hour and a half after M interview. I wonder if they'll show it again?

Omg seeing Don't Tell Me on tv *dies*

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Brief translation:

Over 100 artists will participate T the Live Earth concerts on 18th of June 2015 in cities around the world.

Madonna will also take part.

They say "Madonna" at one moment (at the end) but maybe they just say who performed at the last edition of Live Earth... We need italian fans please! :huh:

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wtf I'm tired of those shity stories,tumblr_nhchxgy8rX1u70ed8o4_250.gif BRING MADONNA NOW

i just love Aussie accent...


not when they never shut up!

I have watched Wolf of Wall Street

eaten lunch

and enjoyed a martini waiting for this interview

it's almost dinner time lol

First off, this thread was hilarious to read. I love Madonna fans but OMG THIS INTERVIEW HASN'T AIRED YET?? Reading all this I thought for sure it was hours ago and I'd watch it halfway through then read all the after remarks. I guess I'm joining the sucker pool of waiting for this damn thing (wouldn't be the first time).


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