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Madonna Instagram thread continued: the queen continues to defy social media rules


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"Malawi needs our help! Massive Floods have killed at least 48 and displaced more than 100 thousand! People!!! Please join me and UNICEF in providing emergency aid to those who lost their homes and loved ones! Donate. http://bit.ly/1E4sdbP #raisingmalawi#MalawiFloods" -Madonna

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rebel bobbs!!!!

still have to decide if i like more the color or b&w cover...

They both are gorgeous but I still personally like the B&W more.
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"I deserve the best.........,..."


"I'm not gonna stop........ .......#livingforlove"


"Channeling Francis Bacon! #livingforlove"

those two first selfies are dated. she must've posted them in an attempt to mislead us on her new look for the era.

imo, those selfies look like the washroom themed bunch she was posting last summer/fall

got to hand it to her though, even her selfies flow well and are cohesive. :laugh:

the third one is proly from last night's rehearsal for the grammys.

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