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Celebration 4 LP set arrived today!


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100 years is the requirement for an antique.


The definition of antique varies from source to source, product to product, and year to year. However, some time-tested definitions of antique deserve consideration, such as the following:

1. "An item which is at least 50 to 100 years old and is collected or desirable due to rarity, condition, utility, or some other unique feature. Motor vehicles, power tools and other items subject to vigorous use in contrast, may be considered antiques in the U.S. if older than 25 years, and some electronic gadgets of more recent vintage may be considered antiques."[citation needed]

So, are the mixes the same as on the regular CD? Is Erotica still that shameful edit?

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Thanks for posting, Pud- nice to see the credit errors/typos not present on there.

These were the errors in the CD booklet


Dress You Up: Andrew La Russo, instead of Andrea

Beautiful Stranger: Patrick Leonard, rather than William Orbit

Celebration: Ciarian Gribbin, rather than Ciaran Gribbin (it's also Ciarian on the Warner/Chappell website!)


La Isla Bonita: Listing William Orbit along with M and Patrick Leonard

Papa Don't Preach: Not listing the producers

Die Another Day: Listing William Orbit, rather than Mirwais Ahmadzai

Cherish; Leonardt, rather than Leonard

The only one I can't see on the scan is the DYU writer credits- I imagine they corrected "Andrew" in the "Dress You Up" credits to read "Andrea"?

ThE CD booklet also had "&" and "and" used in the producer, whereas this looks to just have "&"- better for consistency.

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I see the ampersand and "and" are used the same on the vinyl credits, actually. And I was told "Andrea" does appear, rather than "Andrew."

Wonder if WB will have corrected credits for future pressings of the CD (as it may not have shipped more than the initial shipment yet).

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