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  1. Poor ILLITERATE ReVaughn..

  2. Line 'em

    Knock 'em down

    If looks could kill eyo way-yo

    My body's fully loaded

    And I got more ammo

    *****LADIES AND GENTS we are talking about the 73rd best Madonna song of all time, REVULVAH****

  3. Oops I

    Guess I shotcha

    My finga's on the trigga

    I gotta bullet witchur name on it

    Click click

  4. Clear out your inbox! Ghent awaits.

  5. Ya KNOW

    Tonight I'm feeling a little... INDEPENDENT RECORDING ARTISTE

    This is me

    You wanna get DROPPED by your RECORD COMPANY?

    Cause my last album was a big FLAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPP

  6. Nope.. all my favourite US shows seem to be on a break this week. pfft... never mind I'm too obsessed with Black Swan at the moment (seeing it for the 3rd time on Sunday). Nina Sayers, I love you more than life.

  7. BI-ON-ICK



  8. He's gotten really big.. not a cute little puppy anymore more like a gentle giant.. still gorgeous..

  9. Sounds like a REAL MAN 2 me...

  10. You know

    Tonight I'm feeling a little... INDIE-RECORDING ARTIST...

    This is me


    Cause I don't give A


  11. Now move your big ass round this way so I can work on that ZIPPER baby...

    Tonight... you're a STAR...

  12. Are you ready for the return of the QUEEN OF POP? And yes I'm talking about Miss PJ Harvey! Oh, oh, oh.. DJ spin that record agaiiii-haiiiiiiin!!!

  13. And yes I'm having Nonni withdrawals as well... I was listening to Bedtime Stories the other day for God's sake..

  14. I was more concerned with Balthazar's AIDS/cancer/heroin-chic weight loss.. not a good look.. I liked Scotty's shopping-spree thing with Olivia.. totally the kind of thing I would do with my kid..

  15. It's the M-A-D-O-NN-A




    *thud thud thud thud*

    What's new you ARGENTINA?!!

    and yes S&S BluRay is still everything...

  16. If you WANT IT

    You already GAAAHHT IT

    If you THAWWGHT it

    It better be WHATCHUWANT

    Now sang it with me in your best crow-vox register

  17. I got to save my baby because he makes me cry

    I got to make him happy

    I got to teach him how to fly

    ====== CERTAINLY the 37th Best Madonna Song of All Time? [And yes this game has now officially extended to include the Queen Of Life after your BEST MADONNA VIDEO EVER comment about the Spotlight commercial LOL]

  18. Wikipedia tells me it hasn't aired yet...

    The buzz from the B&S forums is that we may get a 6th season.. but the clip from the 100th episode party tells me that Sally & Calista seem to be ready to move on.

  19. Pretty LITTLE THING

    Makin' my heart SING

    When you DOOO-OOOOH

    Whatchu DOOO-OOOOH

    (37th best K-Mo song of all time? Oh I SHOULD COCO!)

  20. What up y'all? It's another FUCK KHIA week!

  21. OMG that sounds crazy... are you OK? Were you shaken up by the accident? Did it take you a while get back to normal? That's so surreal.. it's almost like B&S Series 4 finale... were you all disorientated like Kitty in the car.

  22. You know

    Tonight I'm feeling a little GOLDEN GLOBE NOMINATED

    This is me

    With my BOUND TO YOU songwriter nomination

    And I can't wait for the


  23. I Googled da bitch. I don't even know who dat bitch is!

  24. Bitch whatumaIgunnado? Cry a RIVAH? I don't give a FUCK!

  25. Well at least the Coke was spilt and they had it with wine.

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