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  1. Oh HANI

    The PLEASURE CENTRE is always open and ready for U to justify

    Whether I am single or attached!

  2. I think I've been dumped! Oh WELL!

  3. It was great! Just wish I wasn't 'preoccupied'.. but I had a wonderful time catching up with friends.. drinking lots of coffee & beer, nice food, window shopping etc. big party yesterday outside town.. all good.. now back to "reality". How awful.

  4. She's FIERCE and she's feeling MIGHTY she's a GOLDEN GIRL she's an APHRODITE alright? Alright YEAH YEAH YEAH. UMMM except she's playing to half empty indoor arenas across Europe RIGHT? OMG YAY let's all get wet in the "splash" zone. Thank GAWD Kim is back (albeit in cameo form).

  5. Won't you come inside

    And lay down next to my FIRE

    Can you feel my HEARTBEAT

    Let me SHOW you my DESIRE

    >>> That's right ladies and gents, we are talking about the 172nd best song of all time, Let Down you Guard!!!

  6. Bar's open and I'm DRINKING

    I'm normally on stage just SINGING

    Feeling like a DRUNKEN WHORE


  7. That's right

    Lick it good

    Suck that £(@*!

    Just like U should

    My neck

    My back

    Lick my PERINIUM

    And my CRACK!

  8. Kylie Aphrodite/LES FOLIES.. have you seen the clips? It's too amazing.

  9. That's fantastic Miguelito but of course apart from "Oh oh oh" and "My friends wanna go OUT but I can't CANCEL my PLANS" you have the most amazing part of the song which is in the bridge - "DJ spin that record AGAAAIHAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNN"

  10. OMG Loomita have you seen all the rubbish gays go into collective meltdown cause I've insulted some of those pop whores?

    I say we CLOSE DOWN the Pop Princesses forum altogether! LOL

  11. Thank you baby; I was getting worried some mods might not like it. But sometimes I gotta s'pressmyself you know what I'm FUCKING SAYIN'??

  12. Now everyBADEEHHH

    Knows how to WORK my BADEEHHH

    Knows how to make WANNNIT

    But POIII U stay upon ITT

  13. Sally Field = Nora Walker = QUEEN OF LIFE!!


    And the definitive version of that OPERATIC HIGH NOTE being of course the groundbreaking America's Got Talent performance with the Medusa hair and the HIGHLY ORIGINAL chair routine.

    Leave you MOVE ON TO A PERFECT STRANGAAAHHH-----Haaaaa---aaaaaaahhhhh!!!

  15. What a lovely idea. By the way you need to clear your PM inbox! I wanted to axe you sumthin too.

  16. For you, PAY-PEE, I would be happy to oblige.

    Would you like a finger or two in?

  17. OMG Loomsy have you been following Les Folies? The stage is groundbreaking. It makes Blond Ambition look like a Saturdays concert. She's fierce and she's feelin' mighty she's a Golden Girl [bea Arthur Edit] she's an Aphrodite alright? Alright yeah yeah [53rd best Kylie song of all time 7" EDIT]

  18. Come on GURRRLLLSSS! Do you believe in LAV?

    And yes that's right, we're only talking about the 23rd best Madonna song ever, like!

  19. Fuck me in my boy pussy (The Album)

  20. I'm BEAUTIFUL in my WAY

    Cause God makes no MISt---***FFAARRRRTTTTTTTTTTTT***

  21. Have you seen this legendary performance? I know you're a Rafaella fan.


    Do it DO IT again


    Do it DO IT again WITH LOVe

  22. QUESTION: Why do I love for Who's That Girl World Tour 1987?

  23. Pay-peeee......

    Would you mind.......

    Undressing me.........

    You missed a spot...


    *adjusts wedgie between vocal takes and bites on burger*

  24. It's so HARD

    To be Some-ONE!

    It's so HARD

    To be unKNOWN

    In your HEART

    You are to BLAME

    In your HEART

    You play the GAME

    >>>>>>Give it up Loomsita for the 172nd best Madonna song of all time, It's So Cool

  25. I heard Thatcher is a Libra


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