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  1. And I'm crazy but you like it

    Loca loca loca!

  2. Damn right HUNNY, my name is Juliana Margulies and I AM.... QoL.

    Have you seen the latest GOOD WIFE eppie? It's epic! QoL Julianna actually WALKS OUT of a grand jury indictment. "Then ARREST ME," she tells that bitch Wendy Scott Carr (who is of course in her own way SUPER FABULOUS)

  3. There's a SHE WOLF in your CLOSET


  4. See my booty get down like

  5. TIM are you ON IT

    TIM are you ON IT

    Gimme some

    Is THIS whatchu wanted

    Is THIS whatchu wanted


    Loving the Shakiguy signature!!!

  6. Licky licky yum yum

    What a great guy

  7. K!







    You wanna?

    I see your cumin and I don't wanna know your dish

    I see you turmeric and you're gonna have to braise your your fish

    Would you like to fry?

    Gimme a chicken thigh

    Show me all that you bought

    We can stir in some wine

    Table brand is fine

  8. OMG LOVES IT!! I think I can see the two of us in the audience (the two hoes in shades)

  9. Trina? She got the BUGGGG. Now what did I tell you about light skinned hos with fat azzes. If you fuck them you are going for a death sentence!!

  10. I wanna be your LADY

    And cook you DINNER

    *brandishes kitchen knife*

  11. I'm fierce and I'm feelin' mighty I'm a golden girl I'm an Aphrodite alright? Alright, yeah yeah yeah. Surely the 127th best title track of all time?

  12. GIVE ME A BUCKET!!!!

  13. Gimme all your luvin'

    Gimme your luv

    Gimme all your luv today

    (Gimme all your luv)

    Gimme all your luvin'

    Gime your luv

    Let's forget about time

    And dance the night away!

  14. Get up (get up!), boi (BOI)... surely the 115th best song of all time?


  16. Merry Christmas! *spreads legs*

  17. But of course EXCUSE MY FRENCH is fantastique! Quite clearly the 72nd best song of all time. However, it is no MY IMAGE UNLIMITED although I believe it is from the same era.

  18. Well I wanna PM you but I can't!

  19. SO RUDE TO ME!! :(

  20. Cause we're livin' in SLO-MOTION...

    *SHORELY* the 125th best song of all time!

  21. It's so hard to be someone

    It's so hard to he unknown

    In your heart

    You play the game

    In your heart

    You are to blame

    Do you realise God's intentions?

    Do you understand what it's all for?

    Save for your SOUL! It's all a test!

    Save your SOUL! It's for the best!!!!

  22. In other news, Gwyneth Paltrow is a piece of shit!!

  23. Ding dong the witch is dead! (And I'm talking about Lady GOOBER). As usual you were right about that whore all along!!

  24. Thanks dearest but I think CUBB's GIVE ME A BUCKET is my favourite expression of 2011 so fAR!

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