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  1. I wanna CHIGGY WIGGY witchu


  2. Come on BOY I've been waiting for SOMEBODY to PICK up my STROLL

  3. P P P P P Pokerface P P P P pokerface

    Ma ma ma ma maaaaaaaaaadonna

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iCEX099PBtQ

    We used to learn the lyrics to this in Italian class.

  5. All eyes on ME in the centre of the RING just like a CIRCUS

    When I crack that WHIP everybody gonna TRIP

    Just like a CIRCUS

    Don't stand there WATCHIN' me, FOLLOW me, SHOW me WHATCHU CAN DO

    Everybody LET GO

    We can make a DANCE FLOOR

    Just like a CIRCUS

  6. I don’t wanna dream about

    All the things that never were

    Maybe I can live without

    When I’m out from under

    I don’t wanna feel the pain

    What good would it do me now

    I’ll get it all figured out

    When I’m out from under

  7. My body's fully loaded

    And I got more ammo


  8. In the words of Urban/R&B Queen Ms. K-Mo,

    I wanna CHIGGY WIGGY witchu BOI

  9. My love's a REVOLVAH

    My sex is a KILLAH

    Do you wanna die HAPPY do you wanna die HAPPY

    And please remember you are just an ASSESSORY to murder CUUUUZ

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