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  1. Chlorine ‘Karens’: Women ‘shamed’ for confronting kissing female couple at hotel pool A group of women at a California hotel pool got into a heated confrontation with other guests after allegedly berating a female couple for kissing in front of children, reports said. The poolside drama unfolded Sunday at Sacremento’s Kimpton Sawyer hotel — and ended with the women leaving the outdoor area to chants of “Shame,” according to now-viral footage posted to Instagram. “Pool Karens asked a female couple to stop kissing in front of kids,” Art Kaligos, the man who filmed part of the
  2. @Jazzy Jan I was watching this “Designing Women” clip and laughing that Julia (Dixie Carter) is tearing down a woman named Marjorie. Julia overheard Marjorie earlier nastily making fun of her sister Suzanne (Delta Burke) and lets her have it!
  3. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Security Cabinet voted on Thursday in favor of halting their military activity in the Gaza Strip, as the Palestinian militant group Hamas agrees to a "mutual and simultaneous" cease-fire, according to Reuters. It is expected to go into effect on Friday. News of the impending cease-fire comes after mounting international pressure for an end to the violence between both sides. At least 230 Palestinians have been killed in the recent conflict, according to the Gaza Health Ministry, while 12 people in Israel have also been killed, Israeli authorities say
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