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  1. Surprised by your tastes ... I apologize if I hurt you ... It's true that I do not know you ... so sorry
  2. There are always some solid titles in Madonna's albums and I like many MDNA titles ... the problem for me on and album and that I seem impersonal on certain titles and Madonna is not used to rare exceptions to this
  3. Madonna is my idol for over 30 years and if you knew how much I've seen concert on every tour ... that does not stop me from being demanding with her ... I can imagine that we like MDNA .. . To put it at the same level as other Madonna albums I think we should not be very demanding just to think that ... Madonna n we have so used to excellent and superior albums to MDNA .. This makes me think that it really must be blind to put MDNA on the same level as albums like Ray Of Light, Like a Prayer or Music ...
  4. Ridiculous...this forum is not a dictature so...Log in for me :-)
  5. I'm new and I'm a real fan, not a troll or a blind fan ... having a critical sense about Madonna's albums and not saying that everything is fabulous in her work is a proof of discernment .. Madonna can always back to top ... I trust him to be reborn from his ashes but an album like MDNA is not worthy of it and being a fan it is easy to realize that his investment in this album was minimal
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