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  1. Yass a crazy dream but imagine if she does like shakira when she postponed her dorado world tour cuz of her vocal chords and when she came back with the tour she released a no planned single from her last album ( clandestino with maluma) if Madonna does the same thing and comes back in the summer or around the VMAS with this song as a sinlge with video and alll and along with new madame x tour version , but again this are just wild dreams as usual xD she could effin possible reach lots of millions of views and she may be even able to reach one spot on the hot 100 ala bitch im Madonna and hel
  2. Perrear its like dogs fucking on doggy style in spanish, hence dog = perro in spanish wich its almost what u do with twerking lol ,i know u guys (and Madonna herself too ) always hate the most commercial song she makes , i mean she almost died when Warner forced her to pick 4 minutes instead of candyshop and she went bananas and made interscope realese LFL instead of UB even tough it was decided according to Diplo that UB was going to be the first single , but if what Madonna really wanted to get that stream area as it seems she wanted to she should have gone with this more reaggeton soun
  3. Could somebody re upload it ? like it happened why the one from the 2015 grammys that was re uploaded by somebody else such h a shame she invested lotsa da casha on the performance and she deletes a few months later #bitchimmadonna lol xD
  4. ultra lol xD #tevoacontar #unsecret #burladecejas
  5. Thanks a lot for explaining it very properly : ) , i juts read somewhere that for the Superbowl she did pay to the celebrities state about 2500 dllrs for mention them
  6. I know we rock muchote !! xD but still i didnt got anyone available to change it on wikipedia jeje
  7. is she paying the families of the artists she mentions in Funana like the celebrities rap in vogue ? or this fee only applies when u sing it live ? if they charge , maybe she skipped MJ cuz of their pricing charges f using MJ name i LOOOVE this song ( : so mucho
  8. Hello hyd beautiful peeps ? ( : im wondering if there is any member of the forum signed or registred on WIKIPEDIA to change or rather add that Madame X its been number 1 for the past two weeks on Mexico ( to see more number 1s on the list jeje ) , mix up the store where ive seen it at number 1 its the biggest ( or rather only one left) record store of Mexico , here i add 2 photos as proof hehe , they even ran out the first week of madame X albums on all their editons and only got back the regular edition nowdays , the deluxe one hasnt arrived yet , queen slays in Mexico , i guess its because
  9. If this its any good news i went to the principal record store around the city and there was a poster under the charts saying the queen of pop its back and all of the albums on the section of number 1 where gone so there were no Madame X albums and i went with an employee and he told me that regular , deluxe and super deluxe editions were goooooneee it felt like 1985 again , they told me to comeback or call on half week to see if the 2 cd and cassete super deluxe edition its there yet , yey !!!!
  10. I think she was blah and a bit mad about the article when she started reading it but she went ballistic when she read the word menopause on the article , just a funny comment please dont go ballistic u guys too jeje
  11. yey ! teen agers are mostly nini looser kids with no credit card so its good paying people that matter on charts ( the ones that pay to download the song and use paid streams) so the BS that regular people that only use free streams dont botter that much in the end , thanks for giving some hope jeje , and if the GP (teens) dont love it that much it really doesnt matter since radio its not that much of an option nowdays for M ,i repeat thanks for new hope and a different point of view ( i did not invent what i said from the posts of those countries )
  12. I totally understand what u say and i agree with u , and really it breaks my heart when i see ads or publications in latin america ( mexico , chile , argentina so far ) recommending to go and listen to Medellin on spotify and i read their dreadful comments , but it is going like this , GP and specially teenagers ( the ones that make a hit or a not hit) are used of having it all at the moment instantaneously and rarely give it more than 3 times to something , we fans and more mature people give it its time to grow and now i love the song compared to yesterday , but i insist regular teenagers d
  13. Amazing explanation thank you , a very good orgasmic song when u are connected to the music and the art in the whole song , A +
  14. Ill Keep steaming it trust me im a fan and i root for her , just sad of the reaction of latin people towards the song they would not be making memes if they loved it dont hate me because i report not so.good news to u guys , trust me my heart was sad when i heard the non fans peeps reaction (just like when i put LFL back then almost no reaction , while they were jumping off their asses when i put unapoleg bitch without even knowing it was her thats why i dared to type that she and her team should know by now just pick a bunch of kids from college and blast ur music before realising it if
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