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  1. Basically current Europe doesn't deserve her. I hope she will reach to South America and Asia more often
  2. OMG those pics are heavenly great. She looks like a goddess
  3. It's not boring but fun and cheering. I just don't like the outfit much, esp the hat, which makes her look like a farmer, not a 60's diva (according to Gucci)
  4. Tbh i feel bad for the audience who spent a lot for the show (ticket, accommodation, transportation if they are not from manchester). Then whos to blame? Madonna or live nation or both?
  5. I will bring 6 friends who are first time to see M in a concert in Bangkok. My tip is don't leak anything about the show, so it will wow them when they see in their eyes. I def believe so 'cause M shows are always the best
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