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  1. According to Norwegian media, Madonna is going to perform at Eurovision in Israel in may. Is this true? (Sorry if there already is a thread about this).
  2. I wish I could give her a hug. I hate Guy even more now.
  3. Haha love how she can barely move her face cause of botox
  4. I agree that she gets a lot of praise, as she should. Maybe I tend to focus on the more negative, but I always had a feeling that other female artists walks through doors that she had to open. And that younger generations don't know how revolutionary she was and still is. Based on the media, I get a feeling that she got where she is because she was smart and strong and became an iron lady of business. How her discipline and hard work beat her talent and how she played the media for attention (being provocative). I just wish she could get recognized for her talent as a writer and entertainer. N
  5. I'll never understand why Madonna doesn't get recognized for her music..My impression is that a lot of people view her as a great business woman and thats the reason why she is still on top..not because of her talent and music.
  6. Madonna has always been sexy on her own terms and a lot of heterosexual men don't like her for that. She was way ahead of her time, showing that women can be feminine and strong at the same time. She is the first woman that I had seen who had big muscles and still kept her femininity. And by that I don't mean the giggly, delicate flower waiting for a man to come rescue her-feminity. I was so surprised during the 90s when after all this time with Madonna, the next big thing was Britney Spears.
  7. Haha yeah that was funny. There are some funny moments in that book
  8. I was thinking the same, Madonna sort of was a mother figure to him. She became the biggest pop star in the world and I'm sure she casts a big shadow. It must be hard to find your own identity when everyone around you only see you as Madonnas brother. Madonna has also said that people often talk about how stardom changes a you, but not so much about how it changes people around you. I can easily see how he feels like a failure next to her. On one side being Madonnas brother has given him opportunities that most people can only dream of..Traveling the world to mention one. On the other side..kn
  9. I agree..The book left me with a feeling that he misses being close to her.
  10. Someone answered him with: " I just sent her an email with this pic attached. Guess what she told me ? " bitch get off my pole "
  11. According to different newspapers and peta, its a £35,000 chinchilla fur coat. PETA: Look out, ladies and gentlemen, here comes Madonna. In a £35,000 Fendi chinchilla fur coat. For those of you doing the math, that means Madge needs to have more than 60 furry animals electrocuted just to keep her warm on a Wednesday night. Anyone know for sure if its true? Has Madonna ever spoken about the matter?
  12. Remember when she was married to Guy and she wore this fur coat. I was so disappointed. A big contrast to:
  13. I kinda feel a little sorry for him. I think he is very bitter and jealous of Madonna and I assume he feels like shit. Sadly, instead of dealing with his own issues he let those bad feelings get the better of him. Out of curiosity i did read his book, and even thou he states that this is a story about him and his life in the shadow of Madonna, it was very bitter and resentful towards her and I'm sure it hurt her a lot. But I miss the days when they were a team and I hope she will forgive him and that they will become closer in the future..But how can she when he keeps going on and on with the
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