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  1. I also have been quiet here for the last few months (mostly work related), but mainly because I wanted/needed to absorb this era without major spoils/leaks.  Work has still been absorbing most of my time.  But, I find myself waking up earlier, going to bed later.....just so I can have a moment alone with this masterpiece.  I can NOT skip a single track.  I was a bit thrown off by some of the vocal affects on a few songs, but after better listening (through better headphones I shouldn't have indulged in).....OMG.....before the year, summer or month ends, I'll probably be deaf (but at least my ears/heart/soul/head....died happy)!!!!!  Even the uptight (he thinks I'm overly obsessed) life-long husband is noticeably beginning to tap the feet, bop the head and unconsciously become addicted also.  What a way to start the summer (finally enough love)!!!!!   

  2. 8 hours ago, Shaun said:

    Seems like we’ve got quite an album on our hands...

    Will be a glorious moment when it is finally IN my hands and also in my ears, veins, brain, fingers, toes (and other unmentionable places)!!!  I know I'm gonna love it from the inside out (and the outside in, around the edges, top to bottom, side to side).....this build-up/craving is kinda orgasmic?!!!!!  I'm ready to release these flood gates.  Sorry, getting carried away.  :naughty:

    Thanks @Shaun for making the waiting of MX a group effort/support system of sorts.  And also, @Voguerista, @runa thanks for the added love and support!!!  :kiss2:

  3. Thank God I've been having to travel daily for work....otherwise, I would have caved in.  But, I made it this far....so I got this!!!  Have been listening to the released songs and TRIED once to find the leaks, but failed (thankfully)!  Don't know if it will be midnight upon digital release, or if I'll manage to wait until the physical copy is ready to work it's MAGIC!?  Keep telling myself...."stay strong, stay strong"!!!

    happy kitty.gif

  4. Such beauty from all aspects (song, video, imagery, artistry).  Interview was cute, but too short.  Hopefully there are more to come that allow for more time and inside information from M about the story line,  process and the whole Madame X theme/persona.  Madame X is puzzling/perplexed/personal/professional/physical......and most of all, PHENOMENAL!!!!!

    I've promised myself that....although my Spanish is minimal....I'm going to know every single word (and dance move) from Medellin' within the next week or two.  Even if I have to hire a hot Spanish speaking tutor (slow down Papi)!!!  

    Thanks all for sharing the video and interview.  I have a feeling this era/album is going to give us some very memorable Madonna moments/sounds/performances.  I'm so ready to enjoy this unique trip she wants to take us on.  

  5. 9 hours ago, runa said:

    Sexy Tod, this place is never the same without you ❤️❤️❤️

    That's probably a good thing, right? f.  At least (at the moment) I'm not the one constantly derailing threads....shit.....nevermind!!!  :banghead: Thanks, Rue, for the kind words.   Funny-gif-cute-monkey-hug.gif

    Now back to our regularly scheduled program.  One, two, cha cha cha!  Loving all the teasers and so ready for the video Wednesday.  This truly is shaping up to be one exciting era.  Things that breath new life into me are.....spring in the air and new music (from M) in my ears (and a few other unmentionables, but that's another topic)!  s


  6. Now, after posting.....I see it's all been done before.  I feel stupid (or delirious).?  Would be my luck that at the dawn of a new M era, I start working again (long hours)  combined with the anticipation, late hours, delirium, catching up, trying not to miss anything.....is making me think about quitting work until after June 14th!!!  :nervous:

    Thanks @Flip The Switch, @spotlight, @robster, @runa, @peppermint .....and anyone/everyone else I've not mentioned.....for making this week fucking amazing!!!

  7. So, I've waited a few days before reviewing and really listening.  The first few listens did't really ignite that sudden spark like many M songs do.  But I found myself (before very early mornings and late evenings before and after work) waking up earlier and staying up later to listen again....and again and again and again!!!  It's almost like mold.  It slowly infests you, then before you know it, you're completely consumed by it (kind of a gross analogy, but it's what happened to me).  Now, I can't stop thinking about it and replaying different parts of it all day long in my head!!

    Love her vocals (minus the slight auto-tune) and Maluma's part is good (and I'm o.k. w/that).  My one complaint that remains constant is the volume leveling.  Maybe it's just my settings on my desktop (where most listens occur).?   Don't think anyone else has mentioned/experienced this (but could just be my Madonna-busted ear drums or dinosaur speakers), but so excited for the next few days off so I can blast this shit on good speakers/system.   

    Knew something like this was coming, but not at all what I expected.....but that's a good thing.  Her evolution and experimentation w/sounds, cultures and music as a whole is beyond comparison.  I give it a 9/10.  But I think this "grower" will increase in ratings, and stay up there w/many other captivating timeless songs by Madonna.

    cha cha little doggy.gif  

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