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  1. Or just seeing the video at any place in the Castro!
  2. So, 2019 for the album release..........has there been any word on a 2019 calendar?
  3. Have they announced when onsale dates and times are? I need San Antonio tickets!
  4. I heard a rumor somewhere that Lola had told her she didn't like the way it looked and so ever since then Madonna has stayed blond. Funny, and probably not true, but considering how much stock she puts into her children's critiques on things she does, I wouldn't be surprised if it were true.
  5. I was in a 7/11 this morning and they were playing Ghosttown.
  6. I'm hitting up the San Jose show and LA. I'm curious though as to why the San Jose show has yet to sell out.......there's still great floor seats and mistier seats available. That's so unlike the Bay Area.......we usually snap her tickets up in no time.......
  7. Madonna did what she's always done, took something underground, put her touch on it and made it more accessible to the masses. Thank god she did too!
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