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  1. Yeah that's exactly same stuff from the Conservative's campaign in Australia: "stable government", "innovation and agility", and worst of all "continuity and change".
  2. ok. I was literally just mentioning a fact about the campaign.
  3. Fun fact: the campaign strategists in charge of Theresa May's campaign that led to her majority reduced to a hung parliament, also worked for the major Conservative party in Australia in the 2016 Australian Election, where the party's huge majority in parliament was reduced to just a one seat majority.
  4. In a sense, yes. Europe seems to be winning against the movement, but America is far from out of the woods yet.
  5. While Theresa May resigning would be great in many ways, part of me thinks she should remain PM and be made to deal with the mess she has created. Plus 3 PMs in less than one year, the U.K. Would really be copying a page out of the Australian and Italian book of revolving Prime Ministers.
  6. Yeah exactly, but I don't think she's ever been the most stable person. I think all that fame really did affect her mentally, plus in the recent years she's had a number of medical issues. She made an amazing television show and that's what I'm going to remember her for.
  7. If Trump goes just after his second year in office, Pence is eligible to be President for up to 10 years.
  8. A centrist who is predicted to be an overwhelming favourite to win vs. a right wing leader who people give little chance of winning because of their views. France and the U.S. have different voting systems, but this sounds like an awfully familiar race.
  9. You misunderstood me. I was saying that people who voted for him viewed him having business experience as being a substitute for political experience, rather than viewing him as having no experience. I agree that that government isn't an enterprise, but time and time again during the election all these voters were saying that his business qualifications made him qualified to deal with the economy, and to make deals with the politicians and other nations.
  10. I mean....Howard Stern would probably be a less risker choice than Bill Maher, considering some of the views Maher has held. I'll also say this, while Trump has no government experience, he's had a lot of experience in business and in dealing with politicians.
  11. I really like Bernie Sanders, but the Democrats won't grow their talent and bench if they keep nominating and electing senior citizens for leadership roles. If he were to win two terms he'd be 88 by the time he leaves office. I've really appreciated his defence of red state democrats because he brings a balanced perspective. I think a better idea would be if he advised and coached a much younger version of him to be candidate for President.
  12. Tim Kaine also oversaw the massive 2010 midterm defeat when he was DNC chair at the time. Obama also had the opportunity to get rid of Debbie, but decided against it because it would be too much drama. People were so busy talking about the division in the Republican Party, that they ignored that massive electoral problems the Democrats have because they thought the electoral demographic advantage would be enough to take care of it.
  13. The fact that she said that she wouldn't call one in the past is meaningless because opportunities and situations arose that she previously did not foresee. On a more cunning level she caught the opposition off guard, but it's not her problem that the Labour Party is unfocused and not prepared to provide stable government. People can't complain about how Theresa May was unelected (despite the fact that people don't vote for the PM), and then complain when she does seek an election mandate. I've seen Prime Ministers not take advantage of similar opportunities before, and they always end up regr
  14. The Democratic Party needs to focus more on building talent within the party, instead of focusing on celebrities. I feel they're very reactive at the moment when they need a more proactive strategy to regain voters. The presidency is a small part and over the past 8 years the Democrats have been pretty negligible in helping elect Democrats on local and state levels.
  15. It depends, with a lot of the remain vote coming from Labour areas, probably won't make a difference. The result would probably be the Conservatives increasing majorities in the seats they currently hold, while probably picking up some traditionally working class Labour seats. Jeremy Corbyn didn't really put up an enthusiastic fight to remain, so he probably can't really use that against her to its full effectiveness.
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