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  1. I was just kidding. This whole thing came off as a publicity stunt, as if they were trying to come off as edgy or something.
  2. Sorry, I love you all and I don't want to single you out, but there are an endless amount of perfectly chiseled gay white men that look just like this guy. Why adulate this piece of shit?
  3. Oh goodness I just actually saw this. And OF COURSE he's on Fox News as some sort of spokesman for the right.
  4. Definitely, but that seems like the natural evolution of the internet. Instagram (Meta) is basically a lame version of TikTok at this point.
  5. Orrrrrrrrrr FaceBook (Meta or whatever), Twitter, etc. will just be replaced by another platform, such as Tik Tok, which "is on track to make nearly $10 billion in ad revenue, more than double what it generated last year, according to estimates from the research company Insider Intelligence." This happened to Myspace. It was just replaced by a new platform, made someone else rich and life went on.
  6. I just got cut off by a stupid bitch Tesla driver and I wanted to tell them to shove that Elon Musk machine up their damn ass. But I didn't because I'm Zen now.
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