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  1. For me it was a happy accident. Bought the 'You Must Love Me' cassette single for 99p just to get rid of the last bit of pocket money I'd been given. I had heard of Madonna but at that time I was more into my 'divas' such as Whitney! Got home, popped in the tape and have never looked back. I was about 13 at the time.
  2. I often wonder if M notices or cares about the fact that as soon as she whips out a classic the audiences enthusiasm increases ten fold. It must be a little disheartening when you've put your heart and soul into a new album and seeing the sometimes muted response it can get from a crowd. Must be more noticeable when she hears the reaction to an oldie but goodie!
  3. Did she just say in the next half hour or the last half hour?!
  4. She's playing Like A Prayer! Surely some Rebel Heart tracks would be better!
  5. Maybe M will surprise us and bring 'em both back! Would certainly fit the 'looking back' theme of the album. Doubt it will happen though. Think those bridges are well and truly burned. :-(
  6. Ah I see, that would make more sense! :-) Although they clearly weren't that bothered seeing as they didn't shut the 'glitch' down quickly and still honoured the tickets sold erroneously. Yeah I just hope next weeks general sales sell quickly! Last thing I want is the Hydro show cancelled!
  7. I remember when she played Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh for MDNA. I bought my ticket straightaway but It was widely known that she was struggling to sell it out. A few days before the show there was a miraculous 'glitch' on ticketmaster that meant that people were able to get tickets for free. Basically about 50 people from my work got free tickets along with hundreds more and the so called 'glitch' wasn't fixed for days. Clearly they wanted to have a full stadium and they were willing to give tickets away to avoid the embarrassment.
  8. I can see the chess analogy but I stillI think the meaning is ambiguous and purposefully so. Hence people have different interpretations. Thats the beauty of art!
  9. While I love the song, the lyrics are quite dark. It feels like M reflecting on her career and acknowledging to an extent that she's perhaps no longer the music force she once was in terms of sales and charts. Maybe I'm reading too much into it but the whole 'your queen's been slain - she'll never rule again' seems to be almost admitting defeat, making way for the new, albeit inferior, pop tarts! I also think this is the exact reason she didn't include it seeing as this album is almost a reassertion that she's far from finished. Maybe in the end she felt it didn't fit the triumphant message o
  10. She looks amazing but there is a district difference in the enthusiasm levels of the two of them that makes me laugh! He looks like he's struck gold and she looks like she wants to be anywhere else than in his grip!
  11. How much you wanna bet that she's asked when the Reinvention Tour is getting a DVD release? Don't get me wrong, I'd love it but it's almost passed into mythology now. I bet she barely remembers it.
  12. I'll expect my free ICON gift to be delivered just in time for World Tour 2018.
  13. I can see Thief of Hearts getting a re-work give her fondness for the word 'bitch'! 'NOW SIT YOUR ASS DOWN!"
  14. I'm here for Take A Bow - bitch needs to dust that shit off!
  15. Anyone here buy the Live Pass for Glasgow? I've noticed Ticketmaster don't have Tuesdays presale listed for Glasgow on their website but they do for the other 3 UK shows. Hope that's not a bad omen - I don't want problems trying to get tickets, my nerves are being tested as it is!
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