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  1. Happy birthday, Kydonna!!! Hope you had a great one!

    1. Get Together

      Get Together

      Thanks, adreeyen!!

  2. OMG that's so cute! I had heard of a pokemon with that name but I hadn't seen it. I can't wait to get one! Btw, did you know you're only a day older than me? That's crazy lol

    1. christopherm


      It looks like that rock-fairy type that you find in the caves! I think its called karbink. I'm excited to learn the after-elite stuff :D Oh and yes I did, I learned that last year when they made birthday threads for us. lol :)

    2. adreeyen


      Yeah, it does! I wonder if she's gonna be the queen of the carbink or something lol. I had read that there were two other legendaries they hadn't revealed yet, so hopefully there will be sum more cool stuff :) oh, haha, I don't even remember that :p Too cool tho :)

    3. christopherm
  3. Nah, I live in the US too, and you know how it isn't out yet. I got a Feebas through wonder trading and I got the Deerling through the GTS. If you want, I can breed you babies of each of them?

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    2. adreeyen


      Lol yeah, wonder trading can be a mess. It's funny though. I know there are two parts to it. Poketransporter and pokebank. Poketransporter is like an app you download and you get to upload pokemon from Black and White one box at a time to the pokebank. Then you get to download em to X and Y with the transporter. Who knows tho! It's taking forever. It was supposed to be out in the US since the 27th :(

    3. christopherm


      This thing didn't even alert me when you replied! lol I had to check it. I want the PokeBank/Transfer but I want to wait and see if they release like a "Z" Version lol They always add some more special features with the Special Edition Games. The thing I'm not crazy about is I heard the Bank/Transfer are a subscription thing. If it was a buy and have it forever thing like virtual console, I'd get it in a heartbeat but I'm too cheap to subscribe LOL

    4. adreeyen


      Yeah, it didn't alert me either and here I am responding five days later. Ugh, lol. I do think they'll do a Z, but I don't think it's gonna come out till next year probably. Sooner would be cool, but I doubt it to be honest. And yeah, it does suck that the pokebank is a paid-for service, but at leeeeeeast it's only five bucks a year. I am cheap too, hahah. Other countries pay more. Unfortunately tho, I think pokebank is gonna become necessary as the only way to transfer po...

  4. I haven't gotten over my obsession to be honest! I just read that they've booked their first US gig in California in September so if they come to Texas, I will go so crazy. You can never have too much iamamiwhoami though!

  5. I saw this gif set on tumblr and it reminded me of you. http://yencid.tumblr.com/post/37315037134

  6. It's from the Nicki Minaj video for Stupid Hoe. It plays during the verse "If you don't like them disses, give my ass some kisses." ;)

  7. Awww, thanks! It's cool to know that someone here remembered! :)

  8. Well when you find him, feel free to send nudes my way!

  9. Your signature picture is beatifuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul.


  11. I've always loved yer renditions of Ke$shallah's lyrics. You should totally consider writing [dirty] lyrics for a living.

  12. You nappy headed son of a bitches!

    Imma throw just for me perm at your head!

  13. Haha thank you and thank you :)

    I have to say this place is pretty fun!

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