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  1. 20 hours ago, imakicola said:

    The only part I speculate on is how she says Martha says “I’m going to call you madame X...look different as much as possible from now on every time I see you,” and “I was tied to a tree for months and then turned into a chacha instructor.”

    That's not even the fucking quote.

    "She said,

           'I'm going to give you a new name - Madame X. Every day, you come to school, and I don't recognise you. Every day, you change your identity.You're a mystery to me.'"

    "And I said,


    It wasn't a direction. It was a comment that she (Martha) doesn't recognise her each day she comes to school so therefore she is going to call her Madame X. How is that difficult to comprehend?

    And who would actually think she's being literal when/if (I haven't even heard this quote) she says "I was tied to a tree for months"?


  2. 3 hours ago, BokuNo said:

    So I just realized BTS is performing at the BBMAs as well so there’s literally no question about who’s going to be the most talked about act on social media. :megamanson:

    On the plus side their fans will probably tweet about all the the performers so M could potentially get a visibility boost as well. Could help with streaming!

    Also there will be tons of good links. Nobody works harder than the BTS stans at setting up good links for people outside the US!

    Who is BTS?!? 🤔

  3. 40 minutes ago, Who Is That Girl? said:

    ok, your not a well person, you bought the anger to me not the other way around. Maybe concern yourself less with me and support Madonna and purchase her song and help her.

    No one’s angry. Simply pointing out you’re trolling. All you’ve done in response is to deflect. I really don’t care if you want to waste your time on a Madonna forum talking shit. 

    26 minutes ago, rebelfan2018 said:

    I think that oz was the first country that abbandoned her with USA,  so then comes the Uk.  So i assume that there's something wrong in the speaking english countries. Maybe she offended them in some way... maybe she said that the way this countries support stupid artist like Gaga, swift, Rihanna, perry and counting... It's so embarrasing. I don't kwon. The only thing i know is that you infected all the world with stupid instruments like digital at first than streaming, in the name of progress you, in term of collectivity, destroyied music and great artist. Now take what you deserve. 

    Unfortunately I would say that biggest reason her popularity cooled in Oz was due to so many tours missing us. So much of her promotion for the 00’s and 10’s has been from tours so that’s resulted in a significant lack of promotion for her here. 

    I agree with @Jazzy Jan though. There has been a lot more interest around Madame X from the general public / casual fans compared to previous albums. At least in my experience from talking to people. Eurovision is pretty huge in Australia - to the point that we actually compete in it - so I think that will be great promo for her. Also the BBMAs should also give her a boost. I’m optimistic that this era will do well here. 

  4. 3 hours ago, Who Is That Girl? said:

    I didn't see that article, if I had it would not of been as shocking to see the news, I'm not sure if that was the reference or not. What does this Roger guys say when the same charts situation happens to every other legacy artist or is it just that he hates Madge.

    You are a troll. Your apparent ignorance at who Roger Friedman is and his history with Madonna is very transparent. Looking at your post history the majority are negative, peppered with faux concern about how badly she supposedly doing. Or they're typical backhanded compliments of "I love Madonna but..."

    @Ven Conmigo @Kim what do you think?

  5. 1 minute ago, Nikki said:

    you honestly think Medellin or other music in that genre will work on a platform like Eurovision? you have to be realistic.

    I'd prefer she didn't cater to any group. Clearly she is proud of Medellin and thinks its a good song hence being the first single. I happen to agree with her. Personally, what gets played on the radio or is considered a "hit" is trash to me. After four decades I don't need the validation of the charts to enjoy a Madonna song. If the general public are on board then that's just something extra. RH is in my top 3 Madonna albums and it was the worst commercially. Oh well.

  6. 3 minutes ago, Jazzy Jan said:

    I am not seeing the hate for this song others are seeing. I think fans are highlighting the few haters too much which makes them seem louder and more important. 

    Also, Only bad review I have seen too in Page Six from New York post and they.always trash Madonna.  Always have so completely expected it from that trash. I am finding most critics and officials reviews are loving the track - and most fans are too. 

    I haven't read the NYP "review" but I've also been seeing mainly positive reviews and comments which is refreshing.

  7. 4 minutes ago, promise to try said:

    is weird, a lot of people comparing medellin with La isla bonita...and it reminds more to Who´s that girl, the chorus at least...I don´t know.

    I feel like it's LIB for 2019. To me it sounds like classic Madonna.

  8. 5 minutes ago, graffitiheart said:

    I made the mistake to look at her Instagram comments and it’s disgusting all the hate she’s getting (mostly white gays demanding another confessions) . All the most popular comments are gross. If you hate the song why the need to go an insult her in her Instagram?  I love the song since first listen I’m shocked it’s getting so much hate 

    Instagram / social media is a disease. 

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