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  2. Get your ass on BSource, bitch. Me and MelMel are bored.

  3. Bitch where ARE you?

  4. Hi! Didn't know you liked Selena, it's always great to run into other fans!

  5. Haha thanks!

  6. Do you know where I could find that special in full? it looks lovely.


  7. really? thanks!

  8. How's that bump you told me about? I am pretty sure it's not genital herpes. I'll pray!

  9. HI.

    you are one of the more cooler people on here.

  10. can I help you, fag?

    *maryse hand*

  11. I can make some if you would like.

  12. right.

    besides the hotness, the guys bore me.

    ive always been a diva supporter!

    who are your favorites out of today's bunch?

    I love Kelly, Maryse, and Melina.

    my ultimate favorites would have to be Moolah and Trish.

    ugh I loved Trish!

  13. You are hawt.

  14. Show us that CACK.

  15. Had no idea you loved the divas.

    been watching WWF/E since around 96. Been a diva lover since day one.

  16. you are really hot. I want your cack.

  17. Hmmm well I felt some were annoyed by my gifs....so I stopped. LOL. oh well

  18. Do you post on any other forums? you seem SO familiar.

  19. Who IS this? omgggg.

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