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  1. Thank goodness this racist and murderous cop was finally held accountable for his unforgivable crime. Now hopefully the criminal justice system holds all of the racist cops accountable in the future. Justice for George Floyd's family finally arrived even though it doesn't bring him back.
  2. Still holds up incredibly. God Control, I Don't Search I Find, Ciao Bella, Crazy, and Faz Gostoso amongst others still SLAP!
  3. Tracy says Madonna texted her after her win: https://www.billboard.com/articles/news/dance/8549472/tracy-young-madonna-remix-grammy-win-interview
  4. Now an award winning performance. https://www.awardsdaily.com/2020/01/26/frozen-2-was-the-big-winner-at-the-lumiere-awards/
  5. Tracy's interview with NewNowNext after her win: http://www.newnownext.com/tracy-young-dj-grammy-win/01/2020/
  6. Up 5 spots to #10 on the latest Dance Club Songs chart!
  7. What a beautiful, lovely, and articulate article from Donatella. You can truly tell the love, respect, and adoration with the intrinsic way she writes.
  8. It's incredibly annoying. The only thing in relation is Tracy Young's "I Rise (Pride Remix)" getting nominated for Best Remixed Recording (which bothers me that it never goes to the vocalist as well).
  9. Third single in Italy. It'll be sent to Italian radio on Friday: https://www.earone.it/news/madonna_i_rise_radio_date_04_10_2019_37856919/
  10. The "Batuka" music video won "Pick One" for Original Music at the Berlin Commercial 2019 awards! https://berlincommercial.awardsengine.com/winners/2019/ "Dark Ballet" also won "Pick Two" for Hair & Makeup & "Pick Three" for Costume Design. BERLIN COMMERCIAL BRINGS TOGETHER THE RIGHT PEOPLE AND COMPANIES FROM THE COMMERCIAL FILMMAKING INDUSTRY AND OFFERS MOVERS AND SHAKERS FROM ALL CAREER STAGES A SPACE FOR OPEN EXCHANGE TO CHAMPION THE ART & BUSINESS OF COMMERCIAL FILMMAKING
  11. Plus it's a perfect song to play on yours or her birthday (which is coming up in 2 weeks!).
  12. Crave is officially the second radio single in Italy. https://www.earone.it/news/madonna_swae_lee_crave_radio_date_02_08_2019_37116549/
  13. Those nominations are embarrassing. But what's infuriating is why they invited her to the VMAs last year and did a huge premiere special for Medellin if they didn't think that Medellin, Dark Ballet, or God Control were worth nominating?
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