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  1. And speaking of Black queens, I'm still waiting for Madge to site Diana Ross as inspiration:

    Old lady walks into a nightclub: 'WORKIN OVUHTIME' IS THE ORIGINAL 'HUNG UP'

  2. Ahahahaaaa! Wow... Kudos to Nippy for workin that bodysuit! She's so GIF-worthy. I'll see what I can do! ;)

  3. Hahaha!!! Only if I can be Romy!

  4. I will give you this: the 80's Looked like A LOT of fun. Tacky, synthesized, neon-colored, cheetah-printed, fun. :fag smiley:

  5. Oh, & when it comes to 80's female rappers: it's all about queen Neneh Cherry!!!!

  6. I've seen her in countless films/ tv shows and I've never known her name! She was a Black Nun in Orphan; the 1st black, non-singing Nun I've seen in a film.

  7. Ma Vie En Rose is one of my favorite movies. I always get emotional when that CUNT mother cuts Ludo's stylish bob!!!

  8. TERRIBLE!!! I remember seeing those 2 on some Old Skool MTV countdown. So glad I'm a child of the 90's!!!

  9. Mel & Kim? Seriously? You was born a black baby!

  10. Most of them. I make the Madonna ones (my avy and sig for example)


  12. Forget that Crackney Houston nonsense. THIS IS THE ONLY 'SHOOP' WE'RE DOIN:

  13. Thanks!!! It's an illusion, but I don't care! CAN WE GET TOGETHER!?!?!?

  14. Janelle Monae & Prince on tour!? TOGETHER!? Buy our tickets. *fag smiley*

  15. Yes! LOOOOOOVE HER TOOO! She needs a thread (?)

  16. Oh my god, that signature of yours is truly remarkable!

  17. I've been great, just enjoying my free time. And you my good sir?

  18. Salman, I can see you HALO!

  19. Let's go sailing in the Mediterranean. You, me, Amber Leighton, and PeePee. WE'LL GET SWEPT AWAY!

  20. I WANT YOU! but i want you to want. me. too.

  21. Madge should incorporate some 90's house in her next tour. I wanna see that 52 Y.O. pussy PUMP in some neon-spandex!

  22. Thank you. I might consider just that!

  23. Prostitution Whore.

  24. Thank you! I just got finished watching "FEV-VUUUUUH!!!"

    I love yours too! Madonna had buns-of-steel during the Confessions era!

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