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  1. There was never a mass hysteria for any female artist/star the way there were for men like Valentino, Gable,Sinatra, then Elvis, then the Beatles, then Michael Jackson until Madonna came. Garbo and Bette Davis didn't have, Marilyn and Elizabeth Taylor didn't have and Streisand didn't have. Not in America, not in Europe, not Globally. Only Madonna. Globally. And this was experienced during the Like A Virgin era. The True Blue era, though, extended that mass hysteria for a female star and placed her into a media/public/commercial stratosphere never reached before. It proved that Madonna was her
  2. TIC collection proved, even barely 7 or 8 years into her career that Madonna is an unparalleled pop genius. Astonishing, really: not even Michael Jackson could come up with a compilation that hits you non-stop with classic ear-popping hits, like BAM! BAM! BAM! BAM! And then.. BAM! BAM! BAM! some more!
  3. What a fabulous interpretation! I never even remotely thought about Secret Garden as something of a maternal (or pregnancy) longing... though it makes sense. Well, maybe because Im not a woman This song is just beyond.. so many images and feelings go through me every time I hear it..The "elephantine wailing" horns conjure far off places and mystery; the jazzy sound is very noir, bringing me to some imaginary smoky bar in a tower somewhere.. I always thought of the song as a manifesto of someone not giving up, of refusing to lose hope, of someone eagerly awaiting of being who she can be or r
  4. I'm soooo tempted to watch clips already! February is so far away..
  5. TRUE BLUE - Matchless in the entire history of female pop, if not all of pop! Madonna Ray of Light Like A Virgin Like A Prayer
  6. Hillary is just AMAZING. 11-hour interrogation (basically) and she maintained composure. She has her flaws but, seriously, she IS the best in a presidential field littered with clowns and nothings. She will be president. Rightfully so.
  7. True. Unlike communism, which is basically dead, socialism is an ever evolving ism as new models crop up that show how much it can work in certain contexts: the Scandinavian model being the prime example. Gone are the days when it has to either be capitalism or socialism and never the two shall meet. Successful capitalism actually needs a good dose of socialism to prevent itself from collapsing under its own market-driven, hyper-Darwinian excesses. Socialism helps spread out economic and social benefits to a greater number of people which could help a lot in preventing mass disaffection and
  8. Oh, yeah.. Madonna struck a deep, still resonating chord within me from the get go. And, going on topic on this thread, I remember I became "protective" as a fan; I once got into an argument over Madonna and Cyndi. The other kid said Madonna was a "hostess" (our local term then for a slut ) and that she had AIDS; well I said Cyndi was disfigured and sang like a terrified pig about to get slaughtered. We almost came into blows! That competitiveness over Madonna perhaps was what made me watch not just her numbers but her career achievements and it used (and still does a tiny bit tbh) to make
  9. Thanks! I'm so excited! I'm not an emotionally expressive person but I can't say I won't cry a bucket when I finally get to see and hear her in action. I mean, it's been 33 years!! LOL
  10. I agree with you, coz Madonna's success is gauged primarily according to her own metrics (and it's proven her career decisions are frequently not commercial).. and our own personal ones... But it would be nice to have that quantitative proof that her insistence on what's current for her can pay off, no matter her age or artistic focus.
  11. I love Madonna. A bona fide inspiration for the ages. No one was ever like her, no one will ever be like her She really came, saw, and conquered. And conquering still. I confess, I still do care about her charts and boxscores successes and I'm still hoping that she'll surprise us once again. Whatever, though, she more than gave me what I needed/wanted as a fan already. And I'm so proud to have been a fan since the beginning when i was still a child... and this February will mark a new beginning in my fandom: I will finally see her. After more than 33 long years!
  12. Bernie is PRO-GUN, ergo pro NRA.. coz why? Vermont is a rural state?? Please. Nevertheless, I grant him that serious flaw. But, as a whole, he isn't presidential. It seems to me Bernie is a president for those who agree with him and share his advocacies, DAMN those who don't. America isn't Denmark, and though I'm not American, I understand it to be a nation of hardworking "do-it-yourselfers" with an individualist bent since its inception; that's why many are disdainful of socialist entitlements. I agree though, that income disparity has gone the extreme with the current financial system havin
  13. After Barclays, True Blue will cease being identified as a love song to Sean (the "coolest guy in the world"), but as a love letter to Debbie, or the M-D Friendship Love Song
  14. My ticket for the first night cost me over $650-- and even that is just the 5th most expensive! I got the cheapest tix for the 2nd night ( at around $70) right up the boondocks, which would not be that bad I think as it would be my "taking it all in from afar" night. But, I would've wanted the cheapest tix during the first show.. and the more expensive seat for the second show as better, nearer seats are still available,,, Yeah, the tix are soo expensive and shot a big hole through my pockets, but, hey, it's M - A - D - O - N - N - A. Oh, wait. Aside from the tickets, I now have to book n
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