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  1. If this is how they are with each other, just imagine the next two years legislating with Democrats. This whole thing is definitely a foreshadowing of the gridlock to come. The "Freedom Caucus" is going to make doing anything virtually impossible. To think, this is all over personal vendettas too, McCarthy is every bit as "MAGA" as the "Freedom Caucus" that's trying to keep him down.....but somewhere down the line, he pissed them off so this is their "revenge". Their whole agenda (once they finally pick a Speaker) is all about revenge.....investigations into COVID/Fauci, the Bidens, the 1/6 Committee.....any of their perceived "enemies" of the last few years will be investigated.....and of course they will try to impeach Biden as revenge for Dems impeaching Trump twice. They clearly aren't hearing the message voters sent in the midterms.
  2. Same! I could care less how great his product is. NEVER EVER will I put a dime in the pocket of that vile son of a bitch.
  3. It's such a relief to see Americans finally saying "enough" to the radicalized right wing bullshit. Obviously, there's such a long ways to go on all fronts but the way I see it, let them keep on with their tirades against the "woke" and their stupid little culture wars, they'll only alienate more and more of those important swing/independent voters. At the end of the day, they offer ZERO solutions to anything. I swear I hope I don't come back and eat my words but I WANT Trump to be the nominee in '24. After '18, '20 and now '22 it's very clear to me that '16 was a fluke for him. He had no political baggage and many people took a chance and said "why not" and went for it. With all that's happened these past 6 yrs and now this, I just don't think he could pull it off (legally). The longer this drags out, the worse it is for them and better it is for us. I do still anticipate they'll take the House and Senate truly is a toss up but even if they take both chambers at this point, the message sent was loud and clear. Hopefully for their own sake, Kevin McCarthy is re-evaluating the original policy platform of "revenge" and is second guessing the endless investigations and impeachments for Biden he had planned. Despite Biden not being the most popular, he clearly has done SOMETHING right and I don't think most Americans outside of that right wing extreme subset are going to be here for all of that unnecessary chaos. I'm really hoping Lauren Boebert of CO gets voted out. Not only would it be helpful to the Dems for retaining the House but it would send an even louder msg to these fuckers. She's in the Marjorie Taylor Greene camp.....against LGBTQ, heckling Biden during his State of The Union, obviously perpetuating the election lie.....just a down and dirty vile CUNT so to see her defeated in a very Republican district would be glorious. Same thing with that CUNT gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake in AZ. She's already peddling election conspiracies and lies since she's losing......obviously if she gains momentum again I'm sure that will all change. Blake Masters is another one that's particularly vile and it does look like his Dem opponent Mark Kelly has a pretty substantial lead. All of these are "MAGA Republicans" so to see any of them defeated will be wonderful!!
  4. Sadly, I think this type of thing is becoming normalized and expected......even justified by some (prob not so much in this forum but generally speaking....def have read some "well, she had it coming..." type commentary). It's disgusting. I was surprised that nothing regarding the 1/6 hearings was discussed here. There were so many shocking revelations. The indifference to blatant fascism and radical extremism is incredibly frightening and not something I thought I'd ever see in my lifetime.
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