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  1. I LOVE straight men who appreciate Madonna. And it's a cute parody.
  2. IDSIF all the way!!!! EO bores me to tears.
  3. Fair enough and I agree. BTW, I LOVE that you list your favorite M song as "Intervention". LOVE AL.
  4. It was a joke peeps. I think the show is a cheesy tabloid "journalism" show. I just meant Madonna deserves better than that.
  5. The premiere of the video is on Extra? This is Madonna, not Cher. I'm mystified.
  6. What's UP with that new "ass"? Haven't had time to figure that out, LOL.
  7. Yes! Madonna is the lightning rod to take all the hits. The "shot in the ass" whenever the world needs it!
  8. Is the box set set in stores yet? I purchased mine online and it said that it will be released on June 21.
  9. It's just ONE review. Go read one of the MANY great reviews of Madame X if this one bothers you so much. I didn't and wont bother reading it. Focus on the positive. Quit feeding this troll.
  10. My favorite so far. Can't stop playing it.
  11. Just bought it, listening to it!!! The blessed day has arrived!
  12. All the straight teenage boys in this house LOVE the track. I normally hate the shit shit they play. They all come in the house when they hear me playing it. I think it's one of her best songs in a long time.
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