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Italy threatens Ryanair with flight ban over COVID-19 safety rules

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Italy threatens Ryanair with flight ban over COVID-19 safety rules





Italy's civil aviation authority ENAC threatened to suspend Ryanair's permit to fly to the country citing non-compliance with COVID-19 safety rules

ENAC said in a statement that "Ryanair systematically does not comply" with national regulations to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission when flying to and from Italian airports.

"Not only is the obligation of distancing between passengers not observed, but also the conditions that allow derogation from this distancing are not met," it added.

It warned that if the Irish airline persists in flouting the rules, it could require Ryanair to only fly planes at half capacity or worse, "suspend all air transport activities at national airports, requiring the carrier to re-route all passengers already in possession of tickets".

Ryanair rejected ENAC's accusations as "factually incorrect" in a statement to Euronews.

"Ryanair complies fully with the measures set out by the Italian government and our customers can rest assured that we are doing everything to reduce interaction on both our aircraft and at airports to protect the health of our passengers when flying Ryanair," it added.

It argued that it encourages all passengers to check-in online and that specific boarding procedures have been put in place to "avoid unnecessary gathering of passengers both at boarding gates and onboard the aircraft".


The optimism six months ago



Didn't they understand yet that that at the end of the day, once you add all the little extra "benefits" they offer you, you end up having the same price that British Airways or any other national carrier in Europe would offer you

But you have the great privilege of wasting 50 miles at least to get to the airports. Now I've heard they're about to conquer Heathrow airport too

But with this pandemic these bottomless greedy people should be concerned about the real issue here. This thing will never go away if you're sole intent is to fill up your so called low cost flights and planes (which by the way are way outdated and consequently UNSAFE, as numerous repeated incidents all over Europe have demonstrated in recent years)

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Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary is a hardcore Dumpster supporter.



Donald Trump could be very effective president, says Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary.

No surprise if they think COVID-19 is nothing but just a seasonal flu and will disappear by itself.

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