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  1. TM sez golden circle is 4000 NOT 8000.
  2. Could it be that this pré-sale code is limited once per 'ticket dealer' There is no Ticket master 4 the Paris/France gigs & Icon sez 'in many cases' you can only obtain one code.. Wtf, in many cases..?
  3. Wow, that stadium is gorgeous U people really shouldn't hesitate..just go!
  4. The worst shows r the the ones with floor seats I saw confessions wembley arena & it was so lifeless.. But Rome Olympic Stadium was amazing, great energy. just go..chances r someone will rub his cock against u..like the whole time
  5. Americans..so scared of stadiums & general admission
  6. I hope they give out the complete itinerary soon..during RIT it was a fucking mess. I had 2 bend over backwards 2 get Paris tix..& then a few days later I find out I could just ride my bike 2 Holland & save loadsa money..
  7. ZAGREB! I hope she adds Greece, something Skandinavia..& well there's more 2 Europe then them 5 same countries everytime.. & just go 2 AUSTRALIA! but the US is where the money is I guess..I hope the vegas crowd is mute bitch.
  8. certifications r based on national shipments. Flanders + Wallonia = 15 k
  9. Breathe Mary Breathe! Here's our future excuse: Madonna wanted Hard Candy to do bad, Cuz Warner didn't promote her previous albums so she was just fullfulling her contract, that's why she hired expensive producers so Warner would lose money in the end cuz they sued her for Maverick and made her duet with Britney.
  11. Candy Shop Give It To Me Sorry Human Nature Heartbeat Open Your Heart Deeper & Deeper Beat Goes On Secret Miles Away/Power Of Goodbye Borderline Don’t Tell Me Dance Tonight/Physical Attraction Express Yourself She’s Not Me Music Everybody Hung Up 4 Minutes Ray Of Light
  12. I doubt it. dEUS are #1. & They really are God here..so much media hype. They are our Nirvana, Oasis & U2 all in2 one.. Next week is mother's day & it'll b all about 'Frans Bauer & Laura Lynn' a schlager duo. I don't think HC will go #1.
  13. It's a full week. certified gold. what with the ' ' ?
  14. WOW. She's the only one that can go #1 in both parts of our shitty little kingdom.
  15. But more importantly: DID u buy a Q & r u gonna scan it 4 us? Or is it not out 'round ur neck of the woods..
  16. it should b..it already sold more than IGTTYAS.
  17. Yeah the tour itinerary needs 2 change..The US-leg is prolly the most profitable but there's really no excuse 4 playing only a handfull of countries in Europe..& Fuck the 10plus London gigs as well..
  18. how come tickest r so *the much expense* in Russia?
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