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  1. :lmao: at the polyglot twink, I'd do him though :fag: Well, yeah it's made fun off, cuz no one understands it, not even Belgians, it's surreal, the eternal underdog and the best kept secret in the world. :fag:
  2. there ya go baby..

    It's from what Fame originated..kinda like Goodbye 2 innocence turned into FEVER..The Woman is Ava Cherry Bowie's ho cum model..she was a Paisley Prince slut avant la lettre..so anway spot Luther Vandross doing backup...also check:



  3. acko

    mooie plantjes...

  4. I'm Revisiting/Obsessed with the album right now, who knew motherhood could pose such menace

  5. the son is gay..& there's hot sex.

  6. another one 4 us Loo

  7. yeah u've seen & heard it a thousand times b4 but JUST WATCH!



  9. 'Go dòòòòwn...'

    I dunno why but my cassette always sounds real warbly on that bit...

  10. acko

    'Heart Of Stone' will get u any coffee u want.

    I don't ask 4 much..now do I?

  11. 'Nick Ashford & Valerie Simpson r in the HOUSSSSE TONIGHT!!

    To me Y'all r the original Shoopers''


  12. acko

    'There is no Other!!! Theere is nooo Otheeeer!'

    It's my mum's fave...

  13. 'They call it community theatre..I call it..

    AIDS in a van..'

  14. 'U quoted me in a heavy flow of bullshit' :inlove:

    Actually that would b a good song lyric. :chuckle:

  15. 'Whitney Whitney Whitney...'

    - 'Wendy Wendy Wendy...'

  16. "God Whitney"

    'What baby?'

    "You are a real trip"

    'I've been around around the world'

  17. "God Whitney"

    'What baby?'

    "You are a real trip"

    'I've been around around the world'


  18. "I like 'em fat"

    "I like 'em proud"

    "Ya gotta have a mother for me"

    Now move your big ass 'round this way

    So I can work on that zipper, baby

    Tonight you’re a star

    And I'm the big dipper

  19. "Just what you said was cold advice

    I discovered sticks go with knives

    I discovered I could die in your chains

    Still I feel, so won't you stay"

  20. "Oh my god."

    "Oh MA LAWD have I waited for this day"

    "You have?"

    "Why... YES... I have, haven't you?"


    "Yes baby."

    "Of course."

    "I knew it"

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