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  1. I've asked this question many times, why are news broadcasts editorialized in the US?
  2. I think to this day we're still not having the proper debate about the place social media and the internet should play in journalism, and the responsability of these multinationals/providers/online outlets. People need to go beyond the 'ooh google is invading my privacy', well google (i don't mean google, but you get my point) is also contaminating the truth and it is very easy to go down that path of intellectual isiolation and choose bullshit. My best friend is not a conspiracy theory but an independant 'performance artist' and she is just so pissed off about the Covid m
  3. Is she not also the first modern day post order bride First lady? And was there not a mix up where it said Russia on the box she came in, and it then turned out 2 b Slovenia??
  4. No...but make no mistake we have our own mess. Sadly.
  5. He hated the gays and thought it was very important to tell people with aids to NEVER use a condom. He was a massive CUNT.
  6. I think literally no one loves him here. Even the right wingers were embarrassed when he got elected.. I remember a memo leaked back in the day saying they should avoid talking about Trump cuz it would reflect poorly on them even my aunt Linda who is carnie folk and travels the BeNeLux with her entourage to work on fairgrounds thinks Donald Trump is that crazy orange man from the memes.
  7. So she specifically asked for an ass to b planted on her chest?
  8. I think it's hypocrytical...and I'm not at all impressed by the ban. The damage has been done.
  9. U cannot read this situation any other way...the fact that populism resulted, finally, in a coup in the West is a moment. I also call the moral bankruptcy of social media and their corporations and the corruption of journalism and the news cycle as a result.
  10. It's the slowest and dumbest coup in the history of the world.
  11. One of the transgender hookers in my neighborhood once said Bulgarians really know how to fuck. She said, and I quote: 'être enculé par un client Bulgare c'est la fête. '
  12. This has been the dumbest, longest and most public coup in the history of mankind.
  13. That ice cream gets more licks than her pussy. Let's focus on the real isseue here. She's basically complaining 'bout DRY CUNT.
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