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  1. So i'm packing boxes 'cuz i'm moving in a couple of weeks, 2 not be entirely music-less, I'm left with 3 CD's 4 the weeks 2 come... Celebration, 40 Licks & Innervisions. No I don't stream, & I put away my Bowies en Princes, thnx very much. So anyway, I don't really listen 2 compilations, I don't even own TIC (waves @HolidayGuy ) But I'm diggin' this 1st Disc of Celebration, the sequence, everything, even 4 Minutes is not entirely out of place. BUT OMG WHERE THE FUCK IS DEEPER & DEEPER!!!!?? I always just assumed it was there, but it's not ok, so maybe I forgot. I think i'm upset now...
  2. She's a Mesozoic pop star. Mesozoica Romance.
  3. Are forums still a thing though? I know we @Kim & @karbatal etc... are professionals but what's the situation like 4 millennial acts?
  4. I AGREEEEEE. There's something about them that makes 1+1 = 3. Now if only she'd b writing with Joe Henry 2!
  5. If only we'd have gotten Chicago with Goldie Hawn & her, that would have been a treat 4 us. Even if it had been a flop, we'd now still b enjoying, discussing: the pictures, the hair, the look, the costumes and some music. It would have been a good project 4 a pop stars fan base. We'd then have topics like WHAT ABOUT WHEN GOLDIE & MADONNA WENT ON OPRAH But we all now what came instead... Oh well.
  6. Soundwise, AL was even BETTER than Music. They really went there. And I adore it 4 it, as did George Michael who praised its production in the press. I've said it before, but AL reminds me of how Prince went full out and would distill his musical MDNA into a sound that was unikely his. The Madona Mirwais collaboration achieved that feat on AL.
  7. They even played it on the radio here!!! As they did with Paradise & Bedtime Story (the Oribital Mix) It filled my heart with ness I need creative-creating-a-vacuum-Donna back!!!!
  8. There r NO weak songs on ROL. Shanti is BRILLIANT.
  9. Eurovision thread

    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/16/arts/conchita-wurst-hiv-positive.html Former Eurovision Song Contest winner Conchita Wurst revealed on Sunday that she is HIV positive and that she has been receiving regular treatment for “several years.” Writing on Instagram, the Austrian drag queen, 29, said she felt forced to reveal her HIV status because an ex-boyfriend had “threatened to go public.”
  10. With the original mono mix and a 3 second early fade out, just 2 piss us off
  11. I guess cuz The Video Collection never went out of print, 4 a record company that makes sense, but then so does quality, one would think...
  12. Even club life/music is dying with these millennials not being interested in going 2 clubs (entrance fee) anymore. It's odd when u look at some festivals 2, a lot of the audience is 'older' & still connected 2 the whole 90's thing, when it was mainly about alternative music.
  13. Madonna on VH1's Divas Live

    remember that MTV ICON thing though...which was aborted after a couple of years.
  14. I would definitely fork out the cash 4 a beautiful Blu Ray Package
  15. Madonna on VH1's Divas Live

    This was always a tacky affair.
  16. He probably made that up. He just remembered that Baby Jane MTV skit and went with it.
  17. I want the eurovision system with #1 and #2 being awarded 12 and 10 (8 being #3) points respectively 😀 1. DROWNED WORLD 2. PARADISE ( NOT FOR ME) 3. Live To Tell 4. Physical Attraction 5. Erotica 6. Secret Garden 7. This Used To Be My Playground 8. Secret 9. Bedtime Story 10. Falling Free
  18. U need this though 4 HD quality CELEBRATION
  19. My guess it's a combo of the screen shit & pre programmed vocals that makes it easier 2 put all that shit through a computer, but what do I know. I'm just really over it. Something like that Fisher Price Keyboard version of Holiday on RHT is just SAD. A killer bassline would fuck a venue up like one massive orgy. People would leave with virtual cum on their body, but Oh no...
  21. No, all those professional musicians r actually on stage, it's A CHOICE.
  22. Grace Jones thread

  23. The whole no album versions thing is a bit silly at this point. A good re-invention is a good re-invention, but at the same time I don't get the just 'listen 2 the album' argument. Hearing a song LIVE is an entirely different beast altogether. But something like OYH on MDNA is just stupid, it's not like any of us can say, 'Oh I just went 2 C Blond Ambition the other week', 'So I'm glad she did a different version'...
  24. something about how a certain song came about, I don't even remember, but she was all over the place, 'So like okay & then I went...and after that I met, who told me, so like yeah, but really....ramble ramble.' Her voice was not in fine form, & she could barely move in those heels. But who would wanna see FM without THIS.