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  1. Those or good choices! All the the RH shows I went 2, TB was a definite highlight, a real crowd pleaser, moreso than LAV or MG.
  2. Spotify should just DIE already.
  3. I think the media r 2 blame partially 4 letting crap enter the news cycle, 2 create web traffic, almost anything is published online FAST without correction. The entertainment news especially is very inaccurate, a lot of Daily Mail & other gossip fodder gets picked up without content or scrutiny. The other week I put my foot down and had all 'Rihanna is the First Black Woman on British Vogue' articles redacted. Not a single title mentioned this was about the september issue, nothing earth shattering. But symptomatic nonetheless.
  4. 1. Homogenic 2. DEBUT 3. Post 4. Vespertine 5.Volta Couldn't b arsed 2 listen To the rest. Selmasongs and Medulla r somewhere in my house.
  5. One day Madonna will Edit a BAT Blu Ray version from the original S-VHS recordings, and we'll c different hair with every angle change, EY might even include close ups from TGS, since the wig was close 2 the Barcelona hair, well close enough any way. Cuz like it's her artistic vision and all, u know..
  6. I don't buy re-issues, but I gifted a red Station 2 Station vinyl, and the sound was 'off' imo.
  7. I want a DANCETERIA segment, dark stage with club lighting...& some of the foot work from those early club dates.
  8. acko

    2018 MTV VMAs

    VIDEO WITH A MESSAGE the name of that category is just is a BEST MOVIE WITH ACTORS on the horizon 4 the Academy Awards?
  9. acko

    Morgen Humo kopen, dan kunt ge u opjagen :-) Interview met Lucy O Brien, door Katia Vlerick. Maar de insteek is nogal tabloidachtig. Met vragen als 'Heeft madonna ooit met een man geslapen om hogerop te geraken?'  (alsof die Lucy erbij was) Grote klasse dus, daar staan we dan na anderhalf jaar #hastags. En ook Lucy heeft niet eens iets negatief te zeggen. Is da nu zo moeilijk om eens keer te zeggen 'Madonna is de meest invloedrijke vrouwelijke popmuzikante ooit'. Die zever altijd. Oh en wat een lelijk cover weer voor de NL update van Like An Icon.

    1. Nikki


      Als je denkt dat ik er mij over zal opjagen koop ik het liever niet 😉 "En ook Lucy heeft niet eens iets negatief te zeggen" bedoel je "positiefs"? De laatste 10 a 15 jaar is de hele geschiedenis van Madonna herschreven, en dat (naar mijn mening) mede dankzij de gaga fangirls.

    2. acko


      Ja Lucy is eigenlijk 'altijd positief', maar de vragen zijn precies vertimmerd, ik voel ergens de hand van Serge, vooral dat stuk over JML doet me twijfelen...het gaat te expliciet over Ingrid Chavez (een Prince Protégé), ik denk zelfs dat Lucy daar niet eens (echt) over heeft verteld, het is typisch Serge...want vijf zinnen lang lijkt het alsof Madonna de song heeft gepikt om dan uiteindelijk te zeggen dat het Lenny Kravitz was, en het ook haar beste nummer noemen omdat Lenny het geschreven heeft etc... echt Serge. Want Katia shreef altijd over haar als een echte artieste. Maar ik zal het in de week eens vragen als ik een Humo-collega tegenkom. Gaga is al lang verdampt imo.

    3. Nikki


      Goed van Lucy. Ik vond altijd dat ze te veel refereerde naar roddelbladen en geruchten, maar als ik andere fans hoor praten (& nu van jou hoor dat ze best wel positief is) moet ik mijn mening over haar misschien veranderen..

      re: ss.. wanneer gaat dat klootzakje op pensioen? of is hij koppig en wil hij zijn mening en invloed nog jaren blijven doordrijven? 

  10. acko

    Has 2018 Killed the Pop Star?

    That's exactly it. It's not even about him being a bad or good performer, it's just 'Yes, well we already lived through all of that when it was original'. I once tried 2 explain it 2 some people @ work we were gonna c him live, & I got this response: 'Well Prince & MJ were influenced by James Brown'. I just had 2 roll my eyes, I came off like an old cynic.
  11. acko

    MDNA or Rebel Heart Tour?

    The budget aside, i believe RHT was designed in the same vein as RIT, to please the general audience a bit more.
  12. acko

    Christine & The Queens

    It sounds like Michael Jackson meets Stephen Bray, her English is ridiculous, I can't understand a fucking word, except 'Girlfriend'. She sounds like a Jennifer Saunders Parody.
  13. acko

    Has 2018 Killed the Pop Star?

    Where r the great rock bands, that's what I wanna know.
  14. I just bought the original 12" the other day!
  15. acko

    Michael Jackson

    I'm pretty sure the #metoo He had already been a mess for two decades. And surely after #metoo ...
  16. acko

    New Album Means New Tour

    In all fairness though, the crowd would have gone nuts if Hey You was the second song with her talking 2 the crowd 4 the very first time that evening.
  17. acko

    New Album Means New Tour

    The whole she HAS TO re-invent her songs is beyond tired. If anything MOST of her classics are underperformed. Those electronic mash ups are the worst. A full on band would b MAGIC. PREACH.
  18. Please no voodoo/carnival/Circus Magic theme
  19. acko

    New Album Means New Tour

    U know it all depends on what 'ethnic/folk' group she'll get as a present on her b'day
  20. acko

    New Album Means New Tour

    It should make sense from the point of view that she plays Stadiums & Arenas, where the majority of the crowd is NOT there 2 hear the NEW album. People wanna hear TIC, I think if she would do 10 proper CLASSICS out a possible total of 20 songs, audiences would b satisfied, without it being called a greatest hits show.
  21. acko

    New Album Means New Tour

    The interesting thing would b 2 know When/where the tour starts...
  22. acko

    New Album Means New Tour

    That's the thing, I love stadium gigs in Europe, but I understand that it's also not the venue 4 everyone, 4 her kind of shows & setlist, If you're far away then it's like watching TV I guess... Though I wouldn't know what's that like cuz I've always been near the front & it's fantastic.
  23. acko

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    To answer the question: YES.