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  1. He can go fuck himself, pedantic delusional fuck. The Catholic Church has caused so many deaths and so much abuse, heartache and trauma troughout history they need to appologise and then dissolve. Like we're waiting for that old whore's blessing. Such disrespect also for democracy to say stuff like that to people who are living in countries where same sex civil partnerships have been possible since the early 90's.
  2. I can't open the vid 'cuz i don't have twitter and shit...but I did a quick google image search.

    I'm impressed... it's not ur typical Banksy redux icon stamp on a wall shit. I like the men the most..

    I love how there's a link to the camp roots of queer culture, it's often shunned when it's not in a drag context, but here it has integrity. Has this been shown in Brussels?

    I can see this all over the city as a walking tour...and not just during Pride.

    we love our genitals here :chuckle:


    From my Apartment







    1. domyeyebrows


      OMG that's incredible!! We were going to come to Belgium next year so if CoVid allows we will be taking a trip to see this stuff. So glad you like Ben's work too. I didn't want to spam the forum too much with it but I think M fans should see his work. She used some of it in the artists' montage on Rebel Heart - his is the piece that starts the first chorus. Thanks for your kind words - you totally get what he's doing.

  3. acko

    BTW it took me like decades to figure out who u were. CUNT.

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    2. GOD


      are you gonna punish me officer?


    3. acko


      Damn right...u been hanging with out these other cheap hoes


    4. GOD
  4. I disagree. It's about those who don't love it. The anti-reaction isn't nearly loud enough.
  5. Fucking moron. WTF!? man... is this from SNL? Or is it a spokesperson for a pharmaceutical brand in an infomercial?
  6. I went to the barber shop today to get a buzz cut when the news came on, and I just shouted 'J'espère qu'il meurt!' and the whole place started laughing... they was all arabs..it was funny. But I know these are bad thoughts.
  7. So is he dead yet? and how is Melanzana doing?
  8. The shocking thing was his evasive response to the White Supremacist thing. So if anyone still has doubts: yes, America has a KKK member/Nazi/Clown in The White House. And Joe Biden, really?...this is what the other side has to offer after 4 years..sad.
  9. Berlusconi benefited from the same dynamic...his fans considered him to be some cool anti establishment rebel who was smart for committing fraude or being corrupt.
  11. I haven't actively followed the thing with her... but I'm always extra shocked when a women turns out 2 NOT be an LGBTQ ally... there seems to be thread with female haters where they are pissed off at this self conceived notion that their femininity is being stolen from them...but in a very bitter and vicous way. It's like the Vaya Con Dios lead singer once bitterly told my friend that she doesn't understand why gay men always have to dress up as women and basically that she doesn't like effeminate gays . I don't understand where she's coming from.. as a creative person who emerge
  12. acko

    I have that Bravo poster 😄 from back in the day....

    1. Matt


      That was my very first Bravo poster. 

  13. Jumping through the hoops... Rearranging my life... Saying goodbye to what I know. In a nutshell.
  14. This happens to all the greats. When Bowie was still alive every album he churned out since teh 90's was his BEST SINCE SCARY MONSTERS. Prince was, depending who u talked to, his best since Sign O' The times or LoveSexy, and sometimes Diamonds & Pearls. The fact that M's point of reference comes from her 3rd decade as a recording artist is a testament 2 her longevity...Dua Lipa wasn't lying in that sense.
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