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  1. Despite all the exposure it brings, has any Superbowl performer really benefited from a HUGE sales boost after performing? Prism's gone up to #14 on US iTunes, but that's not really THAT great - especially as you've just played in front of 100 million + people (which is a mind-boggling number). It was the same thing with Bruno and Beyonce as well. Minimal sales increases but nothing to write home about. I wonder if the Grammys really are more profitable, despite the show receiving lower ratings. Artists don't have to cover the costs of an expensive spectacle (well, not on the grand scale of the Superbowl), and sales boosts seem to be more substantial. I actually think we'll see less big-star current names in the coming years, and it'll go back to veteran acts like Springsteen, Paul McCartney etc.
  2. You're cool and have GREAT sense of humour!