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  1. Madonna-TV is run by Jamesy (who posts on here) isn't it? He's always reliable and posts exclusives. I'm sure this is true. Can't wait!
  2. Jo is a lovely person and all, but she's a GOD AWFUL interviewer. On the double album, "My record company were worried people wouldn't know which album to buy" is very telling isn't it? That quote pretty much says it all.
  3. This is the THIRD time Ghosttown has been played TODAY on Radio 2
  4. Jo: Do you remember when were on Radio 1? M: Mmm hmm... OH JO
  5. So, it's a pre-recorded interview then. Jo said it took place in Madonna's kitchen in New York with her son on her lap. Or did I mishear that?
  6. I have a feeling this is going to be one of the best interviews of her career. Howard will BRING IT with his questions, I can feel it.
  7. I picked this up today. She doesn't say much about Guy Ritchie at all. It had her thoughts on David Cameron, ageism, and it seems like she turned down The Brit Awards lifetime achievement award this year. It's part of a two-part interview. Tomorrow's she going to be talking about the BBC Radio 1 controversy
  8. ^ You know, that's probably her most iconic tabloid front cover since this:
  9. I know for Jonathan Ross 2003, Parkinson 2005, and Graham Norton 2012, they announced Madonna as the guest before tickets were available. This was to ensure only fans were in the audience to give the show a bit more atmosphere. But who knows...
  10. Do you know which show it is? There's two taping next week - 24th and 26th,
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