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  1. Yes, in Istanbul he lost the elections for a mayor notably (but his party is still the biggest in the municipal council so he can block any decision of the mayor) and other big cities (liberal) like Izmir... But Anatolia is huge and he is a godlike figure there...
  2. Well, its Erdogan. He systematically turned Turkey from relatively modern into a medieval country.
  3. Loved GC: now this performance on Eurovision would have slayed.
  4. Love it. One of the obvious stand outs on the album. It’s a chant-song.
  5. It seems like more ppl can know Skin these days than Medellín
  6. Batuka was instant love for me, so primal, tribal, more like a chant... Its great. EO grew immensely on me (never disliked it or anyting, but it didnt stand out at first) to become my favourite on MX.
  7. Its trash. "Her" only good song is Faz Gostoso.
  8. I believe nowadays Madonna gets much more views, streaming numbers, sales, airplay, acclaims and awards than Mimi and Celine, but I get your point. Madge managed to cross artistic with popular untill recently. Nowadays she seems more fearless in her work.
  9. Oh. Horrible. I m sure now the performance would be one of her best and noone would see it. Hah. Hope for a great recording. Maybe she will post it so if she performs GC the views of the video count toward the charts??? Hopefully she does it.
  10. Hope we on the other part of the Atlantic ocean will be able to see a professional recording of the performance. Kylie, Lauper etc. who performed at Pride: did they have professional recordings???
  11. I couldnt disagree more. Actually I think its the obvious 1st single WITH THAT video :). That or I Dont Search I Find.
  12. I feel the same. The so called "love" with Swift, Beyonce felt so unnatural...
  13. If these are two great songs like its the case here, its all good. I dont care about the type of music, but the quality. For example Extreme Occident has 0 to so with those songs musically, but it is as brilliant.
  14. these are not Dinos vocals, its another singer, but I agree its among the best songs on Madame X
  15. Its her most disturbing video. I feel so uneasy to view it. It is sad and brilliant at the same time. Its political and artitistic, because it nfluences you no matter what...
  16. Isn’t it the other manifestation of Madonna? The blond one is the carefree, irresponsible, no fighting Madonna and the black one is the political, fighter Madonna, but in the end she cries because it’s too late? I think it’s a great video unlike anything any artist have ever released. Gut wrenching also.
  17. True. God Control, Batuka and Faz Gostoso all deserve to be HUGE HITS. Hope at least one becomes one. I d add IDSIF to this list.
  18. Exactly. And they havent even listen to an album from her for the said period (and think all havent)...
  19. If it really goes viral: especially if Fox News or NRA slam it, it could chart next week ideally! If it doesnt: at least we would have an amazing video for our enjoyment!
  20. Whyyyy? I think its sooo great . But of course I love IDSIF and LFM and I would adore if any of them had a video!
  21. True. If her "record company" pushes God Control to radio and also the video (which hopefully would be great), I think M could gain fans or/and regain old ones in UK. It wasnt that long ago when she was huge in UK.
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