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  1. My updated list 1. God Control 2. Crave 3. Crazy 4. I Rise (I feel this is the most underrated song on MX ) 5. Extreme Occident
  2. As someone who was at Pulse the night of the mass shooting (I had left before the shooting) but so many in my community were effected and I know a lot of people who lost people I was worried about watching a mass shooting in a disco video but I am absolutely blown away. It was uncomfortable to watch for sure but good art is supposed to make you uncomfortable. This is definitely getting a lot of attention in Orlando where we're so vigilant. Thank you Madonna and Jonas for such a profound masterpiece.
  3. 1.God Control 2. Crazy 3. Crave 4.Faz Gostoso 5. I Rise
  4. Alright I love this on first lesson but it could have been easily on Rebel Heart which might be why they're giving this away first.
  5. What about Same Love/Open Your Heart or the Prince tribute or Ghosttown with T. Swift
  6. His real name is Thomas Pentz. He's listed under "Future"
  7. She changed her profile pic
  8. She’s posting something on Instagram.
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