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  1. What would you say is Madonna’s most well known album track never released as a single amongst the general public. I’d probably say “Where’s the Party?”
  2. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Live to Tell vs. Vogue
  3. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Live to Tell vs. Rain
  4. Greatest Hits Tour Setlist- in no apparent order

    ACT 1 - New York Grafitti 1. Everybody 2. Hung Up 3. Deeper and Deeper 4. Bitch I'm Madonna 5. Where's the Party/Causing a Commotion (medley) "American Life" Interlude Act II - Parisian Protest 6. Express Yourself 7. Human Nature 8. Sorry 9. Live to Tell 10. Don't Tell Me "Rescue Me" Interlude Act III - Berlin Burlesque 11. Erotica 12. Like a Virgin 13. Justify My Love 14. Borderline 15. Secret "What it Feels Like For a Girl" interlude Act IV - Mystical City 16. Frozen 17. Open Your Heart 18. Ray of Light 19. Rotating Acoustic Song (whatever M Feels for the night/Fan request/Audience participation - "Ghosttown", "I'll Remember" "Crazy For You" "La Isla Bonita" most often performed) 20. Like a Prayer 21. Take a Bow (fake close) Act V - Futuristic Disco 22. Lucky Star 23. Material Girl 24. Music 25. Into the Groove -- 26. Vogue/Everybody reprise (closes with audience repetition of "Dance and sing, get up and do your thing!")
  5. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Live to Tell vs. Joan of Arc
  6. I had a dream the album was entitled MOTHER.
  7. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Get Together vs. Don't Stop
  8. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Live to Tell vs. Frozen
  9. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Papa Don't Preach vs. Some Girls
  10. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Causing a Commotion vs. Beautiful Stranger
  11. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Intervention vs. Causing a Commotion
  12. Rescue Me Angel Bedtime Story Frozen (no acoustic) Bitch I'm Madonna
  13. Song vs Song [Part 2]

    Till Death Do Us Part vs. I’ll Remember
  14. Music from the tours ranked

    1. Sticky THE ENERGY 2. Drowned World THE SQUATS 3. Rebel Heart THE SASS (also love the DVD edit) 4. Confessions Meh 5. ReInvention GIMME A BEAT