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  1. No panic, people have to read before jumping to conclusions. If you use Prep or PeP, those medicines still work to not getting HIV. People are always screaming before knowing what it means pfffff
  2. Why the Dutch won’t rush to follow Britain in quitting the EU | Joris Luyendijk Despite a hurrah for the exit vote from the Europhobe Geert Wilders, the Netherlands sees little future in going it alone theguardian.com https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/jun/24/dutch-britain-quitting-eu-geert-wilders-netherlands?CMP=share_btn_tw
  3. Nope, the referendum won't be legal! It will be used as an advice. Furthermore, we can only have a referendum about laws and not about these kind of things!
  4. Shocking.... a majority of the young people (18-25) voted to stay in the EU (75%), the mature people (25-49) 56%. The elderly voted to leave the EU: 50-65 56% to leave EU, 65+ 67% to leave! Does this mean that the stubborn old country-people just ruined the future for their kids?
  5. Sorry to say, but I hope Great Britain will fail so hard on their own.... why the hell do they think they are better than the rest? Ugh! I'm so mad all day already!
  6. For me, it was when the demos leaked and I was thinking: the bitch made 42 (!!!) fucking great songs! Who can do that?
  7. Top three songs: Inside Out, Beautiful Scars and Rebel Heart Song that grew on you: Iconic Song that faded for you: Heartbreak City Best Lyrics: Inside Out Best Vocal: Beautiful Scars Best Melody: Rebel Heart Best Chorus: Rebel Heart Most Fun To Play Loud: Unapologetic Bitch Most Overrated Song: Heartbreak City Most Underrated Song: S.E.X. MVP Track: Rebel Heart Most Classic Madonna Sounding: S.E.X. Most Groundbreaking: Body Shop Like This Quote MultiQuote
  8. And I just listened to the song today and I thought: why the heck did she choose this song as first single of the new album?
  9. 1. Inside Out 2. Joan Of Arc 3. Rebel Heart 4. Iconic 5. Body Shop
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