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  1. Hapertje

    Black Friday 2018 chaos

    That tv went broken lol
  2. Hapertje

    Favorite Original Movie Scores

    A Single Man and W.E.
  3. I love Neil Finn, Finn Brothers and Crowded House
  4. Hapertje

    Eurovision thread

    Tickets to all jury shows and live shows!!! Happy!
  5. Hapertje

    Songs that you hate.

    What???? Falco is also life!!!
  6. Hapertje

    Songs that you hate.

    WTF???? R.E.M. is life for me!!!
  7. Hapertje

    Eurovision thread

    Top 5 for sure for Waylon!!!! Mark my words!
  8. Hapertje

    Eurovision thread

  9. Hapertje

    Eurovision thread

    We finally got tickets for the semi finals!!!! Yeah, we are going to Eurovision!
  10. Hapertje

    Justin Timberlake thread

    He's getting old too soon!
  11. Hapertje

    Your top albums of 2017

    Flicker - Niall Horan Younger Now - Miley Cyrus Witness - Katy Perry In Mijn Bloed - Roxeanne Hazes Harry Styles - Harry Styles
  12. Hapertje

    Eurovision thread

    Thursday finally O'3GNE for the Netherlands, finally girls that can really sing... it's all so off key!
  13. Hapertje

    Movie Scores & Soundtracks

    I love love love the movie scores by Abel Korzeniowski: A Single Man and W.E. I adore the movie score for A Beautiful Thing
  14. Hapertje


    How can Noa not be mentioned?! Love love love her!
  15. Hapertje

    George Michael thread

    Nobody talks about Wham!.... Freedom, I'm Your Man, The Edge Of Heaven, Wham Rap, Young Guns, Where Did Your Heart Go, Last Christmas, Bad Boys, Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go.... all such fine popsongs!!