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  1. Love Medellin, but that is a great summer jam! She should have done God Control first!
  2. Thanks to yesterday in Paris: Come Alive, God Control, Extreme Occident, Killers Who Are Partying and Medellin
  3. I still listen to Madame X EVERYDAY!!! And the whole album
  4. No panic, people have to read before jumping to conclusions. If you use Prep or PeP, those medicines still work to not getting HIV. People are always screaming before knowing what it means pfffff
  5. This one is so not attractive.... he probs have a big d*ck hahaha
  6. Wow! Just being humble to get a video like this!!! This is one of the best era's ever!!
  7. On Boulevard they have a lot of people jumping in there to defend her! It is SBS who is nasty! And espcially that woman who is a music expert. She just dragged Madonna down on the show when Madame X was released. On Friday she was on M and there she said Madonna is phenomenal and she is a fan! HOW!!!!
  8. As an interviewer I agree...... as a program director at a commercial tv station not!
  9. All the haters just prove MADONNA is someone above them and they feel afraid! Madonna is a force!
  10. Still 1250 user critics rate Madame X a 9.2
  11. But hey! More than a 1000 users reviews on Metacritic giving Madame X a ..... 9.3!!!
  12. Looking For Mercy God Control Crazy I Don't Search I Find Crave
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