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  1. The irony of Bezos advocating for BLM while Amazon famously treats employees like slaves. Speaks volumes about the authenticity oft he BLM supporters
  2. woman playing victim against black man playing victim Black wins over woman
  3. it's time to stop supporting it then, it's a hateful movement that is damaging the black community more than anything before
  4. do we know the ratio of black v white people getting into trouble with the police to begin with? I'm sure you can find a correlation there in case you want to go down that route
  5. white people are being killed too
  6. FAZ GOSTOSO is doing surprisingly better than the other tracks on YT too
  7. Batuka is one of the most intriguing songs, it's everything i expected when she started talking about experimenting with world music and Mirwais I hope Madonna sticks with him for another album at least, they have powers together
  8. I Don't Find I Search is Bedtime Story on crack with full out Vogue beats, i never would have expected anything like this from her at this point
  9. The album is FUCKING BRILLIANT! what a surprise, i was prepared for the worse and maybe allowing some time to let the song grow on me, instead I got through it wanting to go back and listen again. There is so much to it, so many music layers, languages, world music, EDM, 70s disco and so much Mirwais! Up there with her bests!
  10. where are you all listening to the song? is it out already?
  11. i love it, the chorus is brilliant
  12. This is gonna be a hit! I'm in love with it
  13. i'm in love with this jam, her part in particular I dont care for the rap, rap is dead
  14. Autotune has nothing to do with this. There is noticeable difference between the vocals in the verses compared to the album version because in the album version there are 2 voices singing at the same time,one in a lower register and one in the upper register
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