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  1. Tragic Madonna Wax Figures

    they didnt even get the wig right! LOL
  2. Europe? LOL she is only famous in UK/Ireland and maybe a little bit in France Tay never happened in Europe and now it's kind of late
  3. Katy Perry thread

    fantastic setlist, she has lots of hits at this point the show looks very promising too, i had no idea she was so flexible with her legs :-)
  4. She is one of the least popular American singers over here, most of them aren't very popular either but she is a total has-been. In Europe she is like Kesha, 3 hits and that's it
  5. why did she bother with a European leg of the tour? she is a nobody over here, she has been since Alejandro
  6. 01-Living for Love - 8.5 02-Devil Pray - 7 03-Ghosttown - 7.5 04-Unapologetic Bitch - 7 05-Illuminati - 6 06-Bitch I'm Madonna - 4 07-Hold Tight - 6.5 08-Joan of Arc - 5.5 09-Iconic - 7.4 10-HeartBreakCity - 7 11-Body Shop - 4 12-Holy Water - 6.8 13-Inside Out - 6.5 14-Wash All Over Me - 6.5 15-Best Night - 6.5 16-Veni Vidi Vici - 5 17-S.E.X. - 3 18-Messiah - 6 19-Rebel Heart - 6 20-Beautiful Scars - 8.5 21-Borrowed Time - 6.5 22-Graffiti Heart - 6 23-Auto-Tune Baby - 5 24-Addicted - 6
  7. I used to think that her vocals were weak on this performance, but listening to it now its actually a much better vocal delivery that most her recent live performances, her voice is there, not drowned by layers of prerecorded tracks. I miss this voice
  8. Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Every DVD releases up until DWT was essentially a live broadcast of a given show, then everything changed with Confession Tour. The digital effects, the fast editing Had RIT been released on DVD i wonder what kind of editing we would have got
  9. they say that if you want to know someone you must listen to what they say about themselves and then turn it into the opposite ..i just did it, i think it works! LOL ...especially the last sentence :-)
  10. Get Togehter and Cherish are only available in certain countries, god knows why... they are not available here in ireland anyway, so i didnt add them to the list of official releases
  11. This is where her videos can be found on YouTube, such a mess... some major videos are still missing an official release madonna Burning Up Lucky Star Like a Virgin Crazy For You Live To Tell Papa Dont Preach True Blue Open Your Heart La Isla Bonita Like a Prayer Express Yourself Dear Jessie Oh Father Vogue Justify My Love Deeper And Deeper Bad Girl Rain Secret Take a Bow Bedtime Story You'll See Frozen Ray of Light The Power of Good-bye Nothing Really Matters Don't Tell Me What it Feels Like for a Girl American Life (flags) Love Profusion Hung Up Sorry 4 Minutes Give it 2 Me Celebration Give Me All Your Luvin Girl Gone Wild MADONNAVEVO Girl Gone Wild Turn Up The Radio Living For Love Ghosttown Bitch I'm Madonna Warner Bros. Records Borderline Burning Up Material Girl Dress You Up La Isla Bonita Like a Prayer Erotica Deeper And Deeper Bedtime Story I Want You Nothing Really Matters Music Hung Up Sorry Jump Warner Music Germany Into The Groove Videos published by private users Gambler Cherish This Used To Be My Playground Fever Beautiful Stranger American Pie Hollywood Die Another Day Missing i'll remember American Life (original) Get Together

    The results so far show very clearly what the 3 singles should have been!
  13. That's one of favourite looks, taht look would have work more than the no-look she had during the HC era
  14. Katy Perry thread

    Her best album so far for sure, and probably one of the best pop albums of 2017