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  1. Autotune has nothing to do with this. There is noticeable difference between the vocals in the verses compared to the album version because in the album version there are 2 voices singing at the same time,one in a lower register and one in the upper register
  2. what a fuck up! she has like 100 fans left... it's not like the website can't manage that
  3. Ghosttown is the right single, unfortunately she is momentarily over so we have to take it for what it is As for Rihanna, Katy and other temporary queens of the charts, dont forget that M had her share of shit singles in the charts too
  4. imagine the fun when you realise that half of the leaked demos won't be on the actual album. Trust no bitch for example
  5. The new SEX doesn't lift up the song that much to be honest, it's still an incredibly stupid track Trust no Bitch sounds a lot more promising
  6. how many times do we have to hear that Lola is very opinionated? LOL
  7. the new ICONIC demo is disappointing, i hate when they change the chords progression of a song. The original version had better chords
  8. ok, i just dowloaded it, i dont like it at all the original version has better chords
  9. one this for sure, the long instrumental breakdown in the middle of the Iconic demo is meant for a guest appearance, rent-a-rapper of whoever
  10. Angela Becker got together with Stuart Price during the Confession eraMadonna dumped both. At the time it was reported by "insiders" that Madonna was fuming at the idea of the two of them doing taht at her back She wrote She's Not Me about it If this is true or not I dont know, but I doubt she would write any more music about those two anyway
  11. She already wrote She's Not Me about Angela, I don't these new ones are also about her anyway, Madonna Chile got shut down due to law infringement regarding the leaks, all they did there was talking about the leak.. should we worry?
  12. This broken ipod is a symbol of how much money you have. Sure I wouldn't smash mine out of rage knowing how much it cost me!
  13. promo tours are meant to get the word out about the new album, they get filmed and shared on youtube. They are excellent way to promote
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