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  1. wash


    Far enough, it's not like MJ can't be touched On the other hand, i probably know 5 songs altogether by Drake, obviously the current chart rules make it easier
  2. wash

    Is Girlie Show her best ever?

    Fantastic live vocals, i wish she could sing like this on Blond Ambition. Such a shame she lost her voice right before her most iconic tour I'm not a huge fan of the setlist on Girlie Show but, as a show, it's M at her best
  3. wash

    Rebel Heart Tour DVD/Blu-ray

    Every DVD releases up until DWT was essentially a live broadcast of a given show, then everything changed with Confession Tour. The digital effects, the fast editing Had RIT been released on DVD i wonder what kind of editing we would have got
  4. i'm in love with the new album ...even if i was hoping for a more futuristic sound, more in line with the Automaton song, but it's still a very good album beginning to end, like someone said it's a COADF kind of thing ;-)
  5. wash

    GS - How great this whole section is!

    i wish she had this voice on BAT!
  6. This is what happens when you take a 7 year break from the previous album, you basically nhave to rebuild your fanbase from scratch Automaton could be a major hit if was a Daft Punk song
  7. Both songs are very good but Automaton is far superior, really strong track, i cant believe it's not picking up
  8. wash

    Grammy's 2017

    does anyone know where this can be watched?
  9. Autotune has nothing to do with this. There is noticeable difference between the vocals in the verses compared to the album version because in the album version there are 2 voices singing at the same time,one in a lower register and one in the upper register
  10. This will go down as the biggest successful flop single in history! LOL
  11. what a fuck up! she has like 100 fans left... it's not like the website can't manage that
  12. Ghosttown is the right single, unfortunately she is momentarily over so we have to take it for what it is As for Rihanna, Katy and other temporary queens of the charts, dont forget that M had her share of shit singles in the charts too
  13. imagine the fun when you realise that half of the leaked demos won't be on the actual album. Trust no bitch for example
  14. The new SEX doesn't lift up the song that much to be honest, it's still an incredibly stupid track Trust no Bitch sounds a lot more promising