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  1. All music is free streaming on YouTube now, entire albums, not just the video singles Use AdBlock and listen to your fav music with no ads, or... Download the song using an mp3 converter for YouTube videos and listen to it on iTunes ...or, get on the Pirate Bay and enjoy free download like the old days We already pay for broadband, no need to pay extra for streaming music or films
  2. Like it or not this guy is in a league of his own
  3. I have playlists saved on my YT accounts and that's how i stream music, no charge for mp3 lovers there are mp3 YT converters available on the internet, you can download songs through them and save them onto your hard drive
  4. Could she look any hotter? Gaga, just fuck off, you cant even remotely...
  5. Simple Minds used to be so fucking cool in the early 80s https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YANgZatQSeQ
  6. Post, Debut, Homogenic the rest is just blur to me! LOL
  7. look him up on YT, pretty much any interview and public appearance, he comes accross as disillusioned and embarrassingly immature
  8. because he is full of shit, but the music is alright, a little overrated but still good
  9. it's been like that for ages, people getting drunk and high on killiney beach is no news
  10. wash


    Far enough, it's not like MJ can't be touched On the other hand, i probably know 5 songs altogether by Drake, obviously the current chart rules make it easier
  11. i'm in love with the new album ...even if i was hoping for a more futuristic sound, more in line with the Automaton song, but it's still a very good album beginning to end, like someone said it's a COADF kind of thing ;-)
  12. This is what happens when you take a 7 year break from the previous album, you basically nhave to rebuild your fanbase from scratch Automaton could be a major hit if was a Daft Punk song
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