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  1. Why are you even looking at her Instagram story. Let her go. Ain’t nobody worried what she has to say about anything.
  2. The striking difference between her and Madonna (any other star really) to me is that she really seems to care about nothing other than her career. Nothing about her life seems fun or interesting. It’s just her constantly pushing herself on the public from stunt to stunt and pushing her facsimile of music on as many people as possible whether they want to hear it or not. Begging, praying, wishing for relevance. There’s no way she won’t have regrets about not building a real life outside of that as she gets older. Probably one of the reasons she always seems so angry.
  3. Yea and then she passes out flyers At her concerts telling her fans not to record or take selfies out of respect for her.
  4. I had a rdiculous dream with her in it last night. Britney Spears was performing at an awards show, and all of a sudden, as a surprise, Madonna descended from the ceiling in her MDNA tour look (GGW). The crowd was going wild. Madonna started dancing and then all of a sudden Gaga appeared on stage with two arms attached to her. She started playing Million Reasons on the piano and was playing electronic drum pads with her two attached arms. It was clear she was trying to show how much more talented she was. It was so ridiculous I woke up laughing.
  5. Their passion was like none ever known.
  6. Their passion was like none ever known.
  7. She really takes awards seriously. The shit she says is just so idiotic. Then as soon as she starts moving, her faux model pose turns to shift and she’s exposed for the sloppy mess she truly is. also the irony of congratulating a fashion award while wearing that 80s leftover ensemble is hilarious. She’s in no place to be telling anyone how good they are with fashion.
  8. She's back to costumes and changing her look repeatedly again. Doesn't seem to be working this time. Ha her insta has her posing as M in Malawi and using black people as props. Guess her next album will capitalize on the urban trend. Good lord she's become predictable and bland.
  9. Or the fact that she was saying it to a camera instead of madonna herself!
  10. Not another lil monster, please!
  11. Now she’s pandering to blacks on her twitter. So predictable.
  12. Are they mad she no longer sends them hamburg?
  13. Her jawline in that beach pic is utterly photoshopped, and not well.
  14. I’m not inventing a reason. She cheats her way to awards all the time. There’s an unconventional situation concerning her category, logical conclusion. Other examples of her cheating. Releasing her debut and then a full second album so the totals counted together make her debut more successful. Calling her second tour her first so it looks like she has a super successful tour debut, also doing that tour for 230 some odd dates in order to look successful. She was still touring while she released born this way. theres way more but too much time to type. So this wouldn’t exactly be uncommon behavior.