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  1. Seems like she's moving around less than before.
  2. Did she do her opening presums segment?
  3. She doesn't need to rehearse, you know.
  4. Has she gotten to the crying and accepting gifts yet?
  5. She fell through the cardboard
  6. They must be upset she's not sending out hamburg for them like she used to.
  7. See everyone? This is how big my schnoz could have been.
  8. And don't forget her $1200 meet and greets - because mummy loves her fans!
  9. Lol - she should have just said don't be like Gaga.
  10. As soon as I saw her tweets to the pres I knew it would support their cause. She basically brought up that transgender people are at higher risk for suicide and often have mental problems, as though she was arguing the president should let them serve to be nice. It was idiotic, and as though she didn't even know that Trump had said the reasons were due to increased medical costs. transgendered people should be able to serve because they're able to do what anyone else in the armed forces can do and should be treated as such. But she has to make everyone into a victim.
  11. Let's not forget that Gagas halftime was initially reported as the lowest halftime ratings in a decade. Then magically the story changed to most watched music event of all time. Oops just saw others also pointed this out. Good job! We must never forget.
  12. Amy died so make sure to treat ME with respect and dignity. Nice subtext cunt.
  13. Her whole thing at the. Beginning was that she was like Madonna but better. Picking up where she left off, etc. madonna but w "talent". She was an insincere pig from day 1.