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  1. She should have gone forward as originally planned with Unapologetic Bitch as first single.
  2. I say this as a Madonna loon, but I think Rebel Heart is missing something. I don't think it's one of her best albums. It's like all the songs are kind of 7/10 of the way towards being great, but never bridge the gap. I'm glad others are enjoying it so much, and I do have some songs I love from the album, like Unapologetic Bitch, Inside Out, Iconic, Ghosttown and Living for Love, but I think the leaks and Avicii's rehab stint messed up the album's direction a bit.
  3. My ranking changes a lot but: 1. Erotica 2. Confessions 3. Ray of Light 4. Music 5. Bedtime Stories 6. Like a Prayer 7. Madonna 8. True Blue 9. American Life 10. MDNA 11. Rebel Heart 12. Hard Candy 13. Like a Virgin Even my least favorite M album is better than most others best efforts.
  4. That's like saying people who'd only known cassette tapes wouldn't understand the better sound quality of cds, the difference wouldn't matter, and therefore, they wouldn't pay a higher price for a cd.
  5. Ppl in general have such short term thinking. Madonna had come off a long stretch of no hits. Promotion for one single was never going to catapult her right back into the mainstream, and I'm glad she and her team didn't say "oh, it's not working and give up after Living for Love (as they did for other eras). Madonna should keep a sustained promotion and she'll have to do it next album era too in order to keep reaping the benefits.
  6. Living for Love was the only one that felt original to me. A performance art piece on a soundstage inspired by a Bacon painting. The iconic pose at the end when she whips the red cloth. Brilliant. Ghosttown was great but a little too on the nose. More like a 90s vid. BIM is new for Madonna, but basically like most of the "ratchet" videos out there, just with a Madonna touch.
  7. I was so struck seeing David in the video. Just remembering that he was an orphan in Malawi not that long ago, and now he is an amazing dancer, happy and healthy. What a service she did for that boy.
  8. I like it better because it maintains the tempo the whole way through. The cd version is sometimes fast, then slow after the breakdowns. Diplo's version packs more punch, and is easier to dance to.
  9. i think Madonna should come first, because she is the overseer of the process. She is directing the whole thing. She also takes the credit when something doesn't hit or connect with the audience as opposed to pushing the blame onto one of the songwriters or someone else. Madonna's name at the beginning shows that everything that went on in those writing sessions was under her direction and that the final product met her approval.
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