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  1. I'm pretty sure it's about a breakup and she reminiscing about when their hearts aligned - when they were in love, but of course the relationship has since been doomed. Then when she says "when I let loose the need to know, then we're both free we're free to go" it's as though she's realized the only way to be free is to stop worrying about what he's doing, who he might be with, what he might be thinking about, etc. and once she's allowed herself to do that they're both finally able to move on. I always took that weird little flute that appears as a sonic representation of her having a memory about Guy or a thought about him. Finally, in the final instrumental, it represents all her memories sonically, and with the last lyrics she's ready to let them go and be free, but she feels like she's "falling free" so even though there's a freedom in letting go, it's terrifying and sad and all consuming. To me, it directly addressed the Guy Ritchie divorce.
  2. Don't worry if Gaga needs to prove she supports rape again she'll trot Kesha back on out.
  3. That photo of Gaga is severely shopped.
  4. Well la weekly just eviscerated her.
  5. Simply change the station any time it comes on.
  6. I love that you can't even tell where she is until you give it a second look. So bland.
  7. Let's exploit mental health for our own popularity!
  8. She's down to number 8 now in the US and still in the red, so expect one of her famouz discounts any moment now. Gotta stop the tumble down the mountain.
  9. Discounts are her swimmies.
  10. The crowd didn't seem too into her last Saturday. Of all the people I know who went to Coachella (a ton) only one posted about her. She shoves her performances in people's faces so much there's no reason to pay to see her live.
  11. Has anyone told them she hasn't really made a comeback?
  12. And dropping fast on iTunes. It won't be on top by tmrw.
  13. Noclicksforgaga end her
  14. She's already trying.