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  1. Diane's been nominated multiple times which is why Gaga sunk her claws into her to get on that awful song. My guess is the Academy found her desperate campaigning and attempts at equating not rewarding the song with an Oscar as not supporting rape victims tacky.
  2. My guess is she has several months before her concert. There is a little traction with this song, and so they are trying to ensure she somehow remains in the charts over the next several months in order to help shift tickets. If Million Reasons goes out, they have to launch another single, and there's not much left on the album they could gain traction with.
  3. Mummy's saaaaaaaaaaaaad
  4. They finally took Million Attempts off discount
  5. Ha that's like me when I turn on the radio if she's playing (thankfully a rarity now). My hand can't rush any faster to change the dial. I constantly hit not interested on her suggested YouTube videos.
  6. Helping cholas and orient-mades since 2011!
  7. She has a face only the back of a shovel could love.
  8. Yea they knew what to do with Tara Kemp. Let's send Lady Gaga after her.
  9. Omg I complained earlier in the thread that they never play Madonna on the classic rock station jack fm even though they play blondie, cyndi, and pat benetar. I just turn on jack fm now and they're playing Into the Groove! I've listened to this station for years and it's the first time I've heard Madonna.
  10. When I was a little kid I thought Where's the Party was a single. It was played all the time on the radio. I've always wondered, what the hell does she yell out at the end before the baby starts crying?
  11. It's so funny her team took her Bowie tribute off YouTube. Way to stand by your ART pig!
  12. Here she is prepping for coachella
  13. Madonna will be back to red carpet glamour once her next film is released - you can be sure of that.