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  1. She never wants to be herself. It's always someone else's legacy she wants to take ownership of. I mean I don't blame her for not wanting to be herself though. Who would want to be that stuck pig? She clearly has a lot of self hatred. She also puts so much time thinking about herself and her career that she basically has no personal life.
  2. I mean Gaga herself didn't say these things. And considering she's barely hanging on to relevance in her 8th year she shouldn't be talking about 6 decades. She doesn't know how to do anything but copy. "Now I'm gonna copy THIS person!"
  3. She treats herself like dog shit she's rubbing all our noses in.
  4. She's probably not on the list but I doubt she'd be kicked out if she showed up. I'm sure it won't be long before Gaga tries to throw a reductive party of her own.
  5. That was idiotic - but I've noticed her game is whenever she does something embarrassing she just makes a hubris-face and acts like she did the most awesome thing ever. But I'm specifically thinking of them putting her in that open pink nightgown in her bra and panties, which I'm sure had skid marks all over when she was done.
  6. That's what they get for putting that bagged yeast on stage and then trying to showcase her as "sexy". Women do not want to look like her and men don't want their women to look like her.
  7. She doesn't have anything on most of her contemporaries. She's just a bloated gunt who wants to pretend she's important.
  8. I think she's tried so hard to be everything that she's wound up being nothing. Like whining is she what music is Gaga music. There's no thread holding it all together it's all appropriation. As for her fans, Gaga literally taught them to be that way.
  9. Face you wanna take a club to.
  10. Million reasons is down to #7 in he latest update. I only wonder who the hell is buying this song. I hear literally nobody mention it.
  11. Beavis and Butthead went on the most try-hard embarrassing, pathetic exploitative Oscar campaign ever.
  12. I love that she has a validation machine in the amusement park in her video. Let Katy start the discourse about how some certain pop stars and their fans have a need for constant validation. (cough Gunt cough)
  13. I still don't get how the initial Super Bowl rating said she hd the worst ratings in 10 years, then second most watched after Katy Perry and now the story is most watched musical performance of all time. it obviously doesn't add up.
  14. She's already starting her goddamn Oscar campaign before they even shoot. She is so desperate for awards, validation, accolades, chart positions, etc. What an empty, shallow, husk of a being. I wouldn't even be surprised if her weekend at bernie's stint with Tony was just to ingratiate herself to the Oscar voters before attempting her Ahhcting career. Of course she's doing a musical that doesn't require dancing, which Madonna did, all live. Her ungainly movements would be a hoot. Let's hope this turns out to be a Glitter.