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  1. I see she’s continuing her plan of being non committal on any republican issues. Always looking to expand her base
  2. Will she ever change her pattern of ending an era with cancelled concert dates and a media hiatus for everyone who got sick of her shoving her maw in every camera that would have her for the past year?
  3. YouTube reaction videos

    She didn’t seem to grasp on this one that she was watching film clips and not footage especially for the video. And yeah, Madonna’s face transitions into a heart-wipe in the newspaper. “Oooo I love the editing”. Lol
  4. That goes with the thing I’ve always said about her insecurity which is that she always has to be competitive. Like she’s not comfortable just doing what she does. She has to be “like so and so” but better. She wants the accomplishments others have earned but to prove she’s better. Of course we all know about her doing that with Madonna but even when she does something like the Victoria’s Secret show and she had to walk like a model and then have those idiotic wings pop up as if to say I’m like you but I’m going to one up you. She has no identity of her own. She doesn’t feel important so she relies on constant praise. She doesn’t feel loved so she needs to groom her fans. She knows she can’t transfer emotion and plays very basic piano so she needs to be called talented all the time. She’s just so clearly terrified to just be and express who she really is. It’s all covered up by the diarrhea of half-baked ideas and thinly veiled references.
  5. Tour gross in - 94.9 million. Of course that’s including her expensive meet n geeet tix where she shoehorned six people who didn’t know each other into the same photo and charged over 1000$.
  6. That’s her standing in front of a green screen and pre recorded
  7. You’re presuming they could in the first place. She marketed very hard to these exact types of people. Weak willed and dim.
  8. It seemed like they weren’t impressed with her or am I crazy?
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    She’s introducing mdna skin forks
  10. She’s a sexual predator herself. Imagine the blowback if any male star wrote that quote about “funny words like dick cunt and pussy” on his fan page geared towards young teens.
  11. What a rancid tool. I also remember her saying in an interview that not allowing a child to create art was like not being allowed to ejaculate.