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  1. My nieces and their friends knew about Bitch I'm Madonna before I showed it to them, It did have an effect. Not sending it to radio really hurt the song. It would have done better!
  2. Happy Birthday, @tonymarraffa, my fellow Pittsburgher! :) Enjoy your special day! (Your name used to be goldtooth, right? Still getting used to the “new” forum...)

  3. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    I know I'm overreacting, but I just can't believe this.
  4. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    I'm devastated, I was depressed before but his is unreal!
  5. 2016 American Presidential Thread

    I seriously feel like slitting my wrists.
  6. The return of Esther!


    I'm glad you're alright Stephen. I hope Issac's ok also! This doesn't solve anything. Just hurts people and ruins their stuff. Animals SMH
  8. Songs from MDNA

    Some girls, Superstar, and GGW A dude can dream can't he?
  9. In no order Ghost Town Hung Up Like a Prayer Holy Water Everybody Oh Father Hollywood Sorry Causing a Commotion Thief of Hearts Honorable mentions Iconic Celebration Erotica Love Don't Live Here Anymore Holiday Bitch I'm Madonna Who's That Girl The Look of Love
  10. My favorite album from Madonna!!!! NO CONTEST