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  1. Happy Birthday, @tonymarraffa, my fellow Pittsburgher! :) Enjoy your special day! (Your name used to be goldtooth, right? Still getting used to the “new” forum...)

  2. I know I'm overreacting, but I just can't believe this.
  3. I'm devastated, I was depressed before but his is unreal!
  4. I'm glad you're alright Stephen. I hope Issac's ok also! This doesn't solve anything. Just hurts people and ruins their stuff. Animals SMH
  5. Meanwhile a vid of the kiss is on Youtube is almost at 9 million views!!!!
  6. I've done this on my Facebook page and it wouldn't hurt for each and everyone of us to share on our Facebook/Twitter accounts. Anyway, Hauntingly beautiful! I usually don't tear up from scenes in music videos but the scenes at the telephone, and looking at her dead family members pictures are so profound to me. She looks amazing, Terrence is great in it, the tango is perfection, the orphaned little boy, and the wolf are awesome touches! Easily one of my favorite Madonna vids!
  7. Addicted Rebel Heart Ghosttown Devil Pray Bitch I'm Madonna Wash All Over Me S.E.X. Iconic Holy Water Messiah
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