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  1. Spice Girls thread

    rumor has it that they will have a tv show in china to find a new girl group. boring. come back with new music or unreleased songs.
  2. Azealia Banks

    check out her coachella-set: her music is fantastic! I need a new album asap!
  3. Rebel Heart Tour on UK TV

    how's she doing on itunes and spotify? any news?
  4. Madonna on Spotify

    wow. thank you!!
  5. Madonna on Spotify

    thanks, alanlongoria! where do you get the data from?
  6. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    always the victim. you cannot imagine how much these kind of popstars bore me.
  7. why is she talking about M again? she has nothing to do with her. so how can anything related to M "bother her"? why is she teasing this documentary (or whatever it is) in this kind of way? she is obsessed! M is always in her mind and she mentions her again and again. WHY? i just don't get it. terrible woman.
  8. fantastic! I am not a fan of the fast editing but the trailer is absolutely fantastic.
  9. i am in full shock. what's happening in america? who the hell votes for him?
  10. this cannot be happening right now!!
  11. Madonna on youtube

    is it her official vevo-account? i am so confused because there are so many madonna-channels. a mess!
  12. Rebel Heart DVD

    wow. i love the trailer. cannot wait!!