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  1. just!ce

    Eurovision thread

    this is kind of a let down for me. my expectations were so, so high. I hope they improve the performance a bit. still, it's my favorite this year and really hope Israel will win. 78 - 98 - 18
  2. just!ce


    would love to see them working together.
  3. just!ce


    i love tiga. three brilliant albums! his first and his latest one are my favorites. and he's sexy... in a certain way! :D
  4. just!ce

    Eurovision thread

    here it is. odds: #1 israel
  5. just!ce

    Eurovision thread

    israel's song leaked and it's fantastic! i love netta and I am super curious to see how she will present the song on stage.
  6. just!ce

    Róisín Murphy

    apparently she's working on a new dance record ps. i would love to see her working with madonna!
  7. just!ce

    Eurovision thread

    his arms
  8. just!ce

    Eurovision thread

    the first rehearsals have started. here's israel:
  9. just!ce

    Eurovision thread

    I love Israel's entry this year. So addictive
  10. just!ce

    Eurovision thread

    this is the entry of israel, which I like a lot:
  11. just!ce

    New MIA

    she released a new song and a new video: POWA it's meeeeh. the video is beautiful but the song screams "early demo". what has happened to "freedom"? I am still obsessed with that song.
  12. just!ce


    Unfortunately, he seems to sing in English nowadays. I found a song called "thinking about it" and even a tropical house mix of it. a pitty that he did not stick to Hebrew! I was obsessed with his self-titled album:
  13. just!ce


    Rinat Bar's songs are simply terrible. I know her songs and I am always terrified of them.
  14. just!ce


    it's time for M to implement more hebrew singers into her songs. "isaac" is so captivating! Thanks for Hiba . I did not know her.