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  1. Should have been bigger: Living For Love

    i love that song. unfortunately, they did not stick to the actual plan (single and video release on valentine's day with a big bang) but releasing it several weeks before.
  2. I would love her to work with the Canadian (?) DJ TIGA. I love his albums!
  3. i love the rap but I love the original video even more!
  4. voted. oh... that list is terrible.
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    i don't know why but I love that picture so, so much. it gives me everything!!
  6. The thirst for new music is real. It is a demo of a song that leaked in 2014. Now it is charting inside the iTunes top100 in some markets. Only the queen!
  7. I can totally see her sitting with the twins in front of her apple.
  8. it's rising: iTunes: #6 Lithuania #14 Argentina #33 Mexico #39 Spain #53 Poland #63 Portugal #64 Denmark #66 Italy #89 United Kingdom #90 Finland #99 France #109 Luxembourg #161 Netherlands #188 Russia
  9. Behind Me iTunes: #6 Lithuania #14 Argentina #44 Spain #53 Poland #76 Italy #87 Mexico #105 Luxembourg #119 France #123 Denmark #156 Netherlands
  10. Katy Perry thread

    i am in love with her song. so addictive!
  11. "million reasons" down to #49 on spotify (from #25 yesterday). I don't understand why the media wants to force this women on all of us. The interest in her music is simply not there but she appears everywhere as if she is still the star she was eight years ago. What the hell is going on?
  12. According to ukmix: 2. Joanne 3. Joanne4. The Fame Monster9. The Fame Monster10. Born This Way17. The Fame36. Born This Way37. ARTPOP55. The Fame Monster63. Cheek to Cheek74. Cheek to Cheek110. Joanne120. Joanne 1. Million Reasons16. Born This Way17. Poker Face25. Bad Romance32. Just Dance37. Million Reasons45. Perfect Illusion49. The Edge of Glory62. Paparazzi65. Telephone69. Bad Romance93. Yoü and I https://www.ukmix.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=118921&start=4025
  13. it was terrible to watch! the dancers did it and she was just moving around. even clawing seemed to be too difficult for her.