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  1. Madonna new album in 2018

    the y.a.s. album is one of my favorite albums ever. if he and M would do something similar like this it would be heaven!
  2. please let this and "tears of a clown" be an inspiration!
  3. Taylor Swift thread 🐍

    always the victim. you cannot imagine how much these kind of popstars bore me.
  4. why is she talking about M again? she has nothing to do with her. so how can anything related to M "bother her"? why is she teasing this documentary (or whatever it is) in this kind of way? she is obsessed! M is always in her mind and she mentions her again and again. WHY? i just don't get it. terrible woman.
  5. Should have been bigger: Living For Love

    i love that song. unfortunately, they did not stick to the actual plan (single and video release on valentine's day with a big bang) but releasing it several weeks before.
  6. I would love her to work with the Canadian (?) DJ TIGA. I love his albums!
  7. i love the rap but I love the original video even more!
  8. voted. oh... that list is terrible.
  9. Madonna Instagram Thread

    i don't know why but I love that picture so, so much. it gives me everything!!
  10. The thirst for new music is real. It is a demo of a song that leaked in 2014. Now it is charting inside the iTunes top100 in some markets. Only the queen!
  11. I can totally see her sitting with the twins in front of her apple.
  12. it's rising: iTunes: #6 Lithuania #14 Argentina #33 Mexico #39 Spain #53 Poland #63 Portugal #64 Denmark #66 Italy #89 United Kingdom #90 Finland #99 France #109 Luxembourg #161 Netherlands #188 Russia
  13. Behind Me iTunes: #6 Lithuania #14 Argentina #44 Spain #53 Poland #76 Italy #87 Mexico #105 Luxembourg #119 France #123 Denmark #156 Netherlands