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  1. I think they should have done this territory by territory, UK first. They could have got this to number 1 in the UK, then rolled out success in each place of the back of that. Shame, as it has hit written all over it.
  2. No, never heard it before. What an utter twunt -his face reminds me of one of those pieces of putty that you squeeze into the little pot to make a fart noise.
  3. But seriously though, the guy is fuck ugly. No offense, I'm sure he's got a very nice singing voice (I've never heard anything he's done), we can't all be supermodels, but let's be real. Is it some sort of joke the media is playing on us? He should be grateful Madonna chucked him a bone.
  4. I agree. And it's great! Her best run of singles since the COAD era.
  5. She looked really great during the performance (though not on the red carpet). Props to her for singing live too. I really didn't like it. 2 thoughts. -Why is 'B' (if it was her) still in a job? It's a rhetorical question, I know why she's in a job, but she's still a talentless nothing, and I'm frankly astonished someone with a uterus could possess so little understanding of or sympathy for the female form. It takes some real doing to make someone with Madonna's level of body look bad. Performance is one thing, but outside performance, Madonna doesn't need to show up to everything like it's a halloween party -it's not 2010 anymore; we've moved on from Gaga. -It was fairly dark -sloppily so and not in a very well done way. I'm not silly enough to see everything as an illuminati ritual - actually the moral of the video was quite bright; Madonna vanquishing her demons in indomitable style. The performance was a reversal. The demons vanquishing Madonna, with her lifeless body hoisted up at the end. I really liked the video. For the same reason, I really disliked this performance.
  6. This doesn't need to be posted -these are just silly self publicists. It's practically a comedy -'Hellbound hag'; you can tell from his voice in the first video he's not remotely angry; it's like a mock illuminati expose crossed with Perez Hilton. The video analyses on Vigilantcitizen are genuinely insightful -these are just piss-takes.
  7. Certainly not. Disagree with what I've said, not what I haven't.
  8. The tiny concentration of corporations that own the media in the US.
  9. To me, Madonna is being used as a 'bad bank'. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_bank This is where a financial institution seperates all it's bad debts into a different institution. They know Madonna doesn't have that many more miles on the clock and they don't particularly like her, so if there are tits to be flashed, she will do it. If there is a song about the illuminati being a good thing to be sung (rather than referenced obliquely) she will do it. If there's an upcoming flop artist they are struggling to break (hello Natalia Kills), give them to Madonna. If it all backfires, it's Madonna who will be hung out to dry. If it works, so much the better, next time they'll push her even further.
  10. I don't think he dissapeared - I originally thought he'd done the fuck me Marilyn shot as it seemed to be his standard 'white out' style -and subject matter. I don't think she 'had' to work with him at gunpoint; I do think she could have been told he was the photographer and she wasn't getting on whatever cover she got on if she didn't work with him though. All that stuff is a game of who calls the shots. Clearly in this instance (and every other it seems) it isn't our girl.
  11. So break the mask. Break out of the chains. Break the wires tied around your head. But she never does, and they never do. That is never portrayed. She even had to work with Uncle Terry ffs. To me, this is the industry saying 'we still own you - even with your billions we gave them to you and we can still take them away'.
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