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  1. Hollywood

    People forget what a great success this was. No. 2 in the UK. It was a floorfiller!
  2. Lourdes has inherited Madonna's beautiful eyes. But that's about it. She very much takes after Carlos facially - which there's nothing wrong with at all, but her face doesn't have the proportions that made Madonna a mesmerising photographic model.
  3. Sam Smith

    I wouldn't know a song by Som Smeet if I heard it, but it's silly to blame him for the lack of eccentricity in pop music. There have always been artists like that. You should blame Project Gaga. Her forced LOOK AT ME habits of turning up looking like a clown gimp but churning out craptacular forgettable pop have flogged eccentricity stone dead.
  4. Agreed. Matthew Rolston to direct the video please. (He's not dead is he?)
  5. In my opinion they could have been a lot more creative without blunting their commercial appeal.
  6. I don't think they were 'mistakes' as such, I just think they were just really poorly executed. Madonna unfortunately isn't always surrounded by creative collaborators who understand her significance or what makes her cool, or what makes anything cool really.
  7. Sad that she worked with this POS to be honest.
  8. Oh yes, I remember now. I mean a *good* part two.
  9. I always thought Sorry should have been a hung-over 'part deux' of Hung Up, with Marge eating a greasy breakfast in a builder's cafe. Would have had to have been planned in advance and shot at the same time though. And yes, Get Together is mind-alteringly amazing but I'm not sure a proper video would have done much for it.
  10. Years and Years

    They're like an updated Erasure to me. Very lyrically sound, very good melodies.
  11. Time Stood Still

    Anyone who hates TSS is trying FAR too hard to be interesting.
  12. Madonna's beauty is such an odd thing isn't it? There's no middle way - I've never met anyone who thought Madonna was pretty. People either think she's beautiful or totally plain. It's like liking raw tomatoes or tasting the bitterness of celery. Some people have the tastebud, other's don't.
  13. It was Pete Waterman that said Bananarama inspired Madonna's style. He said she started wearing a crucifix earring after Sara wore one to Danceteria. I don't know how he knew that.
  14. Off topic, I'm quite proud of Madonna for not having a big hair faux rock power ballad phase. Not that Bonnie Tyler doesn't have her place, but Madonna was always just too cool and her musical instincts too good for that.