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  1. Oh yes, I remember now. I mean a *good* part two.
  2. I always thought Sorry should have been a hung-over 'part deux' of Hung Up, with Marge eating a greasy breakfast in a builder's cafe. Would have had to have been planned in advance and shot at the same time though. And yes, Get Together is mind-alteringly amazing but I'm not sure a proper video would have done much for it.
  3. Madonna's beauty is such an odd thing isn't it? There's no middle way - I've never met anyone who thought Madonna was pretty. People either think she's beautiful or totally plain. It's like liking raw tomatoes or tasting the bitterness of celery. Some people have the tastebud, other's don't.
  4. It was Pete Waterman that said Bananarama inspired Madonna's style. He said she started wearing a crucifix earring after Sara wore one to Danceteria. I don't know how he knew that.
  5. Off topic, I'm quite proud of Madonna for not having a big hair faux rock power ballad phase. Not that Bonnie Tyler doesn't have her place, but Madonna was always just too cool and her musical instincts too good for that.
  6. Samantha Fox, Page 3 girl turned singer, is very much a Madonnabe. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TD33AxebRAg Been in the press recently because her long term girlfriend and manager died.
  7. She was brilliant, as was the song, but the film is DIRE, truly the worst Bond film ever. Just a case of bad timing - I wish she'd done any of the previous Brosnan ones, or the subsequent Craig ones. Pity she had to be associated with the nail in the coffin of the series before the reboot.
  8. Yes, the musical version. Sort it out with Lloyd-Webber and bring it on. I still believe Madonna can get that Oscar! Surely if she's halfway decent (which she would be, she'd be amazing), the Academy will give her a nomination for sheer persistence.
  9. Madonna should do the film version of Sunset Boulevard (1000th time I've made this request). Would be a huge hit I think.
  10. It strikes me listening back how creamy and smooth and folksy that voice is on AL - so pretty.
  11. I think it should always be as good as Ray of Light. I don't think it should be Ray of Light, that would be boring.
  12. No, not top 3, but definitely in the top 10. For her astonishing work ethic and refusal to be counted out. There will always be a huge place in my heart for OUR MARGE.
  13. Yes. This is where the real issue lies imo. And has done for a long time. Responsible for all the awful adverts and lacklustre endorsements. Just milking Madonna and not being a good steward of her image.
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