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  1. LOVE the video and she looks great... and for some reason she reminds me of Buffy in this video...
  2. They uploaded the demos of Iconic and Hold Tight to Spotify (Spain) instead of the final versions....
  3. I guess I heard a Demo version of this song when the leak happened last week or is something wrong with the songs they uploaded on Spotify. Because this and Iconic sounds demoish and different... or is it just me?
  4. 1. Ghosttown 2. Devil Pray 3. Unapologetic Bitch 4. Living for love 5. Illuminati 6. Bitch, I'm Madonna
  5. Ghosttown is amazing!!! The last ballad that I loved this much was The Power of Goodbye
  6. About that isla bonita redo... Dont know where I read this but wasnt she working with diplo on a song in which she starts naming her past hits? Or something like that... Maybe that's a snippet of said track...
  7. Dont like it. It sounds like a Mexican soap opera "Corazon Rebelde".... so, NO.... but what do I know...
  8. A good video for a great song!... A LOT better than I expected, it fits great with the theme of the song...
  9. ErGallo

    I Fucked Up

    LOVE this song! It's my soundtrack these days....
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