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  1. And here I thought the views were great by her standards. I don’t know if would have mattered or made a difference to released this before dropping the album. The people that were going to be excited about the album were probably the same, the fans! Anyways... if anything by releasing it now might help the album to be notice a bit more by the casual listener and help with its sales (or streaming)... If they didn’t know she had an album out, they now know!. Don’t know if I make any sense with my English... I’m just happy to be part of another great era and enjoying the ride. AMAZING the video.
  2. I’ve finally got to hear this song and it reminds me of “I Fucked up” or “Incredible” in the happy/sad kinda vibes... Is actually the only song I would like to hear without all the vocoder.
  3. This song was added to all Carrefour (a Supermarket) music playlist in Spain. Which I find weird because they never added Medellin or Crave (or anything Madonna related before) and it sounded great!
  4. Maybe she has planned something for tomorrow like she originally had planned for Living for Love before all the mess.... soñar no cuesta nada...
  5. LOVE the video and she looks great... and for some reason she reminds me of Buffy in this video...
  6. They uploaded the demos of Iconic and Hold Tight to Spotify (Spain) instead of the final versions....
  7. I guess I heard a Demo version of this song when the leak happened last week or is something wrong with the songs they uploaded on Spotify. Because this and Iconic sounds demoish and different... or is it just me?
  8. 1. Ghosttown 2. Devil Pray 3. Unapologetic Bitch 4. Living for love 5. Illuminati 6. Bitch, I'm Madonna
  9. Ghosttown is amazing!!! The last ballad that I loved this much was The Power of Goodbye
  10. About that isla bonita redo... Dont know where I read this but wasnt she working with diplo on a song in which she starts naming her past hits? Or something like that... Maybe that's a snippet of said track...
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