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  1. well done, ciccone!! https://twitter.com/gthot20/status/613842821263544320
  2. very groovy. the video is colorful and fun. i am enjoying it.
  3. LOLOLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!! dead on balls with this post, buzzy. smooch
  4. i was just going to ask if he lisps or if he's hard of hearing....i think he's enjoyable regardless.
  5. she was. bitch killed it. so did ciccone. she was kicking on down the cobblestones!
  6. she is kicking it down the cobblestone. we are so riding the groovy ciccone train!!
  7. that black and red is absolutely fucking amazing!!! did you get the bitch's thighs? too dammed groovy!!
  8. love the video...the black and red. she is dead on balls, once again, with her ever-loving art. ciccone, you are a mother f*cking bad ass! kick it on down the cobblestones, bitch!!
  9. can't wait for the grammys...the whole world is waiting, too! go, ciccone!!
  10. this one is still my fave outta the six. i love them all though, really!!
  11. are we riding the ***too much madge-ic bus*** or what.... this is far out!!
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