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Abortion and Same Sex Marriage is Legal in Northern Ireland

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This day 38 years ago - 22 October 1981 - the European Court of Human Rights decided that Northern Ireland's laws criminalising homosexuality violated Article 8 of the Convention, leading to decriminalisation a year later.

38 years later, we can finally have same sex marriages. Only 6 years behind the rest of the UK but better late than never I suppose. 

Its happened. We are now all real people.Our bodies are ours. Our love is legal.Our lives are better. Still a lot to do.But this should be be a bit of hope in a hopeless time.And a reminder that taking to the streets, challenging power, and talking to our families makes CHANGE, finally, the laws fall in line with a people that are progressive + passionate about a future for everyone. I'm proud to have spent 3 years fighting for this



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