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Madame X: Your top 5

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Currently, no particular order: I don't search I find, Come alive, Batuka, Extreme occident, & Dark ballet. I finally got into DB, it's an interesting piece but not easy to digest immediately. Now I love it!

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1: Extreme Occident

2: Ciao Bella

3: I Don't Search I Find

4: Future (especially  the live mix from Madame X tour)

5: Crave

Also really like -  God Control, Dark Ballet, Medellin, Killers, Batuka, I Rise & Back That Up

Ones I can skip - Crazy, Come Alive, Looking for Mercy, Faz Gostoso, Bitch I'm Loca

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Still loving this album after all these months!

1. Killers Who Are Partying - This one took a long time to come around to, lyrically (I always LOVED the production), but now I think it's pretty brilliant

2. God Control

3. Looking For Mercy - I think these are some of M's best lyrics ever

4. Crazy - Perfect Madonna pop music

5. Bitch, I'm Loca - Sorry folks, I think this one is such fun!

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