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2016 American Presidential Thread 🇺🇸


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1 hour ago, jonluvsmaddy said:

To be fair, Ulizos, the media and Trump tell us daily that President Obama's failure to act firmly in Syria to remove Assad is the reason Syria and ISIS are where they are today. While that narrative is obviously flawed and inaccurate, it is regurgitated daily - which certainly colors public opinion on the topic.

But that's stupid, "I know absolutely nothing about history and forgot what happened last week" type of mentality. Most Americans are ridiculously misinformed. They don't know what happened in Afghanistan. They don't know what happened in Iran (if they did they'd probably be on Iran's side), they don't even know what happened in Iraq and that's not even over yet. 

It's infuriating and one of the main reasons why Trump has a good chance of winning the white house. It's so easy to manipulate the misinformed and afraid. 

No one is talking about the fact that the U.S. and Saudi Arabia have sent billions of dollars in weapons to Syria, THAT'S the reason why a big part of Syria is now in ruins and why so many people have died and / or fled. Anyone who thinks that sending some of the most powerful weapons to Syria was going to spread peace is fucking foolish and stupid. It's the same as people who think more guns in the U.S. means more peace. 

To put this into perspective, let's take Spain as an example. The country has a population twice that the population of Syria. Spain's annual military budget in 2015 was 6.44 billion dollars. The U.S. spent approximately 4.5 billion dollars on Syria in 2015, most of which was spent on sending weapons to so-called "peaceful rebels" (biggest oxymoron in the world). Lord knows how much Saudi Arabia has spent. Anyone who thinks that that was the answer to peace is fucking stupid. THAT'S Obama's failure. Not that he needs to be MORE violent like the media and Republicans are saying today. 

Had Assad squashed those handful of violent islamic protesters back in 2011 none of this would've happened. There would be no ISIS or al-Nusra or muslim brotherhood or whatever the fuck. But no, instead, now those islamic men (peaceful rebels and 0 women because they have no say in the new syria that they want) have their hands on massive amounts of weapons that rival a small/medium sized modern country's armed forces. 

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