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Saturday Night Online Presents Ask Anything with Madonna

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Guest CzarnaWisnia

Whatever questions asked she'll probably just take the piss with her answers.

- RU looking forward to the new tour??

M: Gotta pay the rent.

- What's your favorite RH song??

M: What's yours?

- Will there be another single for RH??

M: Send photo.

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Looking forward to hearing from M again tonight! If it's possible, she needs to continue more promo!! Will go into withdrawal if there is a long blackout until August start date. :angry:

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Guest CzarnaWisnia

Charlie from London:

What is your main motto in life?

Andrea from Albert:
What song off of the new album are you most looking forward to performing on your tour?

Franco from Montreal:
What’s the biggest misconception people have about you?

Jillian from Buffalo:
At this point in your career is there anyone that you would like to collaborate with that you haven't gotten the chance to yet?

Elizabeth from Parlin:
Do you miss making and releasing music back in the day or do you prefer the new way of putting out your art?

Laurie from Grand Terrace:
How did the decision to put Mike Tyson on Rebel Heart come about?

Gerard from Dublin:
What do you think has given your career such longevity and kept you eternally relevant?

Stephen from Miami:
What’s more important to you; following love or your career?

Nick from Toronto:
Rebel Heart represents two sides of your personality. What city do you feel exemplifies this duality best and why?

Tony from Italy:
Which younger artists have you taken under your wing and consider yourself a ‘mentor’ to?

Abraham from Mexico City:
What is your favorite music video you have ever done?


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