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Choose the 3rd single - POLL


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  1. 1. What song should be the 3rd single

    • Devil Pray
    • Unapologetic Bitch
    • Illuminati
    • Bitch I'm Madoner
    • Hole Tight
    • Joan of Arc
    • Iconic
    • Heartbreakcity
    • BadiShap
    • Holy Water
    • Inside Out
    • WAOM
    • Best Night
    • Veni Vidi Vici
    • S.E.X
    • Messiah
    • Rebel Heart

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I find it interesting how polarizing this album is. I guess it's that way with every album. I think BIM and Body Shop are the worst tracks on the album. They shouldn't even be on the album let alone singles! lol

Well thank God they ARE on the album because they are both awesome!! Just stop hating on these songs, especially BIM!! Like I said, if you want Madonna to get popularity on major radios, this is THE song for that!! All the kids who have heard it love it!!
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If a Rebel song is next, the only one I can see being released is Iconic. Bitch I´m Madonna is polarizing, and the rest have either explicit lyrics or are not as good.

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Although personally I preer Rebel Heart or Unapologetic Bitch I think the best choice would be BIM because:

-It has to be a rebel song after two hearts

-the beat is crazy and catchy

-Nicki Minaj and Diplo fans will be interested in it

-It's perfect for the summer

-It will grab the attention of the young public

-If radio is going to play Rihanna's new song I don't see why the wouldn't play BIM.

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I want four singles at least. UB would be a killer summer song but because of the lyrics I don't think it will be released. 4th single should be Rebel Heart - it also has that fresh, breezy summer sound so.. hell, yeah!

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one of my girlfriends who is like 22 asked me what the song was from hearing it my snapchat. i told her and she loves it.

she said "that song it awesome. i love madonna now. that song has just made me a madonna fan. shes alright in my book!"

this song will be huge for her. trust.

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An album sticker doesn't necessarily guarantee the single choices.


I'm sure Beat Goes On was intented to be the second single, but maybe Kanye was too busy to shoot the video or something.

And everyone thought Jump was going to be the 3rd single, but it was pushed back because of the tour.

My original True Blue cassette (bought in Italy) had a sticker mentioning Live to Tell, Papa Don't Preach, La Isla Bonita - and Love Makes the World Go Round!

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I'd love to see a song released each month with a video, until the start of the tour:

Feb: Living for Love

Mar: Ghosttown

Apr: Devil Pray

May: Inside Out

Jun: Unapologetic Bitch

July: Body Shop

Aug: Rebel Heart (to tie in with start of the tour)

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Bitch I'm Madooner is gonna be the 3rd single people, we all know it.

How could it not be after errthang that has transpired? The leaks, the vicious attacks by the press, the FALL, the declaration that she's over and done with, etc. She's ready to make a statement - which THIS AIN'T MY FIRST RODEO!

She's gonna release it after the quiet momentum that Ghosttown is building as we speak, the video is gonna be luxe (IT BETTER BE), and it'll be a hit I think.

And this is coming from someone who can only listen to it once a week.

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And since we won't be getting another album for a number of years (let's face it, she's doing a movie next) I'd like a special remix album with remixes, tour studio versions, unreleased songs and a DVD featuring all the videos and some live promo performances.

The next time we will get anything will probably be after the current deal with Interscope is over. I think as we've had TIC, GHV2 and Celebration, we might get a Singles Collection next time, hopefully a 3CD definitive collection in chronological order. We can only dream... Oh and a live Bluray box set too

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Elijah's verdict: if Ghosttown doesn't catch on, nothing from this project would! Its Madonna best song and single since Jump (2006) and her best ballad since The Power In Goodbye (1998). If Ghosttown catches up (it has to, its amazing) releasing BIM would be suicidal and she ll alienate the public she has gathered with Ghosttown - sophisticated chilly and powerful ballad... No matter the fate of Ghosttown the next single should be one of those songs:

Hold Tight OR Devil Pray OR Inside Out OR Rebel Heart.

They might be released in whichever consequence she wishes and even if they are not successful, they will gain her respect because they simply are the best songs on the album that no one would dislike. On the other hand, about BIM I ve heard too many totally different opinions and lots of ppl dislike it (me included and I love almost everything on RH!), so I think she ll shoot herself in the foot with that one. And really, do u think anyone apart from some teens, would be mad about it?

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if it was my choice...BIM if it was followed by Inside Out and Heartbreak City......

...as i'm not sure it will be 4th and 5th singles, i realy hope IO or HBC....but just puor parler...because it will be BIM

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Well so she obviously has to go rebel or heart.

Heart: I think Joan of Arc and Rebel Heart are the two best 'Radio 2'/AC type options. I think Rebel Heart especially in its album version would be a great summer single for that market.

Rebel: One of the bitches. BIM seems to have more hype and has the Nicki feature, but I adore Unapologetic Bitch and it screams summer. The risk here is throwing away whatever goodwill she gets from Ghosttown for potentially no gain. She could release the most on-trend song ever and still not make a dent in the younger market. UB especially would need some clever editing to get on radio.

Some people seem to be thinking Devil Pray and it has gotten some buzz from Madonna herself, but I really think that would be the worst out of any of the options. It's a great song, but its too weird (the drug lyrics, the demonic breakdown) for the Radio 2/AC crowd and wouldn't appeal to the younger crowd either. There's nothing to gain there.

I know fans always think double singles are more viable options that they really are (and they almost never happen), but if there ever was an album that was a good fit for it, it would be Rebel Heart. Or even just throw the idea of standard single releases away, and release Rebel Heart and JOA to Radio 2/AC type stations and remix BIM and UB and send them to clubs. Make lower budget videos for all of them, or higher budget videos for which ever ones M wants to do.

Having said all of that, I have no idea lolz. Unapologetic Bitch gets my vote because it seems like a great summer single, haters be demanded.

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Unapologetic Bitch would not be hard to edit:

It can be switched to "Unapologetic Chick" and

"you never knew how much your selfish bull(bleep) cost me, so screw you"

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FUCK YEAH! BITCH I'M MADONNA! I think she should add a current guest star(s) (Miley, Katy, Rhianna or all of them wuld be the ultimate) to sing a verse and to compliment her and Nikki so she will get some airplay (it's the only way). She did her own thing with two very Madonna singles Living For Love classic pop and Ghostown classsic ballad. Now let's go hard or go home with a summer anthem and a hot and sexy bann worthy video. Lot's of sex and skin! Over the top!

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