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  1. OMG TALK ABOUT ARTISTIQUE!!! I'd like to see that whore JANET try and attempt the OPERATIC VOX at the end of "Your Disco Needs You"

  2. Thanks my dear! I do my best. Now shall I spread them in gratitude?

  3. Give it UP Give it UP I just can't get enough so give me MORE MORE MORE MORE MORE.. OMG surely this is the 17th best opening track on an album from the rock era?

  4. IIIIII'm on TONIGHT you know my HIPS don't *FARRRRRRRRRRRRRT*

  5. PM Inbox - clearout. Now!

  6. Shakira = Sharmoota

  7. I could be anything I'll be your everything

    Just touch me baby

    I don't wanna be sad

  8. Put your hands on ME

    John F Kennedy

  9. There's a she-wolf in your closet, open up and set her free AWOOOOOOH *cocksucking eyes*

  10. We're terrible Mariel!

  11. U+Me= match made in Shakira-hating heaven.

    Love x x x

  12. Yeah, all good thanks! Just having some weird moods lately..

  13. Yes ackito that's right. You know why I'm posting that song right? I'm right back where I started with my drama.. :(

  14. See my booty get down like


  15. Give it to me yeah

    No one's gonna stop me



  16. I just hate it when that entitled bitch's fans start going on about how she's slaayyyyyiing or whatev. Plus Roxette are bigger than Janet in Europe!

  17. Hey - clear up your inbox man.

  18. Now I am a was

    I started at the top

    And I worked my way down

    33rd best song of all time? Oh I should COCO :wow:

  19. I will PM you very soon - possibly later today. A lot to tell, as I said. But I hope that it will all soon clear up. And I need to know all about you as well! x

  20. Loads to tell.. mostly not good I'm afraid..

  21. HEY - clear your PM inbox!

  22. She's fierce and she's feelin mighty she's a golden girl she's an aphrodite alright? alright yeah yeah yeah!

  23. I I

    I wanna go oh oh

    All the way way way


  24. Tonight I'm feeling sexual

    Come on and play inside my love below

    Tonight I'mma be a little

    Sale FISH

  25. FLASH it in FASHION with me

    Skin to skin BODY to BODY

    Have you seen that acoustic perf of Nu-Di-Ty, Loomsa? Surely it's the 71st best acoustic perf of all time!

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