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  1. This is how I Madame X expected - greatness on all levels
  2. and it is a small venue - this has to be great!
  3. Got my tickets for Mannheim! ... I got the best tickets ever for a M-concert - Block 203 2nd row --- and it's my hometown!!!!!
  4. so true! I got to save my baby Because he makes me cry I got to make him happy I got to teach him how to fly I want to take him higher Way up like a bird in the sky I got to calm him down now I want to save his life And I know that love will change us forever And I know that love will keep us together And I know, I know There is nothing to fear And I know that love Will take us away from here Sometimes it's such a pleasure Sometimes I wanna tear it all down It's easy to be lazy And hard to go away from the crowd I know the road looks lonely But that's just Satan's game And either way my baby
  5. Spread it all around the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I was thinking that too - they should team up together! Yoko - is everything!
  7. Gery

    I know I'm soooooo lazy :-)

  8. Joey

    just work... I like to leave messages for people that never post much to liven them up TEE HEE

  9. Gery

    :-) what's up ?

  10. acko

    Speak up, we can't hear u.

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