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  1. ti amo sempre, non dimenticarlo.

  2. yep, if you want! you have great taste in music so it can be fun!

  3. hey Mats, do you use twitter or facebook?

  4. MY GOD the picture you poster. I'm dying. I love your smile.

  5. I love that song

  6. my aunt lives in Bellaria, it's actually near my town!

  7. you know what? I really hate the fact that you don't have facebook or twitter. I need more of you!

  8. and happy birthday to you!

  9. thank you darling!

  10. auguri amore mio

  11. don't cry pussycat!

  12. love, I just wanna say goodbye to you. this place is really shitty lately (most o the people I mean), It's like a britney forum circa 2000 and it's a bad thing. If you'll get a facebook account in the future..CUBB is my friend over there, so ask him!

    ti amo


  13. si รจ il mio!

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